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Handicraft guide to Vladivostok from the local

Vladivostok has many historical and modern attractions. I grouped interesting places into neighborhoods for walking. For example, the funicular along with the viewing Eagle's Nest. Sports embankment together in Arbat and Millionka and so on. There is not much historical information in this guide. More about where to eat, how to get there, and where it is convenient to go next.

Embankments of Vladivostok

Sports Harbor is a popular entertainment destination.
Seafront, the street Fokina and Millionka - several attractions near
The Crown Prince Embankment
Family vacation in a former shipyard with an interesting history
Korabelnaya Embankment
Naval theme: memorial and submarine C-56
Footpath "Health Path"
Walk in the fresh sea air along the coast

What to see and where to go

Eagle’s Nest viewpoint and funicular
Popular mountain tram and observation platform on a hill
Central Square and Svetlanskaya Street
Many sights and beautiful historic buildings
Train station and Maritime Station
Historical building of the railway station and the observation deck of the marine station
Aquarium on Russky Island
Visit the new super aquarium and super promenade
Opera and Ballet Theater
Primorskiy stage of the Mariinsky Theater and the viewing platform

Beaches and Parks

Shamora Beach
The most popular country beach in Lazurnaya Bay
Park Lazo
Country park of rest and a beach on "Sanatornaya"
Botanical garden
Forest walk at any time of the year

Country walks in the fresh air

Island Russkiy for tourists
What to see - beaches, military forts, campus
Tokarev lighthouse
Work Lighthouse and pebble beach on the edge of the city on Cape Egersheld
Cape of Tobizina on Russkiy island
Walk among the cliffs to the chess stones

What and where to eat and drink and what to buy

What to buy in the store and taste
Overview of interesting Vladivostok food with prices
Where and what to eat in Vladivostok
Overview of cafes and restaurants, as well as street food

Urban transport and how to get to Vladivostok

Vladivostok public transport
Guide to the movement by buses, taxis and trains

Accommodation in Vladivostok for the tourist

Tips for finding accommodation in Vladivostok
How does the season affect the price and what are the options for accommodation
Vladivostok hotels
Review of standard hotels with prices and contacts
Daily rent of apartments
Overview of apartment hotels and apartments from individuals
Hostels and guest houses
List of all hostels with photos and contacts

The sights of Vladivostok are preparing to add to the guidebook

  1. A new modern and beautiful circus , the circus building was re-equipped in 2017.
  2. Botanical Garden - Country forest walk at any time of the year.
  3. Kometa, Shtykovskiye ponds, Mayak - Comfortable country tourist bases for your rest.
  4. Voroshilovskaya Battery - the famous fort-museum on the Russkiy island
  5. Safari Park A wonderful animal park of Primorsky Krai in a natural habitat.
  6. Green Corner or “Zelenka” - the famous spontaneous car market of Vladivostok. Independent excursion to the Japanese auto industry.
  7. Trips and tours , where you can go and how much it costs


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