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Footpath along the sea - Trail Path of Health

Great place to walk along the coast. In fact, the path of health is a continuation of the Sports Embankment in the form of a symbolic yellow marking on the sidewalks. Following the drawn path you will pass on beautiful and interesting places along the sea.

The total length including the embankment is about 3 km , that is, in one direction it takes about 45 minutes.

Attractions along the way

Cafes and Shops

Most cafes and shops are located on the Sportivnaya Embankment. From the side of the Maritime University, there is nothing but a beach and a bus stop. From the 7-foot yacht club you can climb up to Posietskaya Street, where you will find various Vladivostok cafes and restaurants (500 meters and 5 minutes) On the way there will be a Sphere-Market supermarket

How to get there and where to go next

Trail Path of Health starts at Sportivnaya Embankment . You will see a yellow markup. You can also go from Railway Station (you need to go up to the Naberezhnaya street) and from the bus stop Maritime University on Egersheld district

Куда поехать дальше

Тропа кроткая, скорее всего дойдя до конца вы возвратитесь обратно на набережную. Можно продолжить путь в сторону Токаревского маяка – настоящей достопримечательности Владивостока и пляжа, где можно купаться в теплый сезон. Половину пути вы уже прошли пешком. Дальше нужно выйти на автобусную остановку Морской университет и проехать 10 минут до конечной, затем 20 минут пешком по тропинке через сопку.

Tips & Ideas

In the evening, usually a beautiful sunset. You see it on the open terrace of the restaurant 7 feet , or on a small beach near the sports grounds at the end of the path. You can rent a bike on the Sportivnaya Embankment and take a ride on the bike path.

To live in Vladivostok by the sea

An interesting option for accommodation in Vladivostok, if you like the sea, walking and sports - a complex of townhouses along the coast next to the Yacht Club 7 feet. Address Stanyukovicha, 48

Great view of the sunsets. Near the yacht club 7 feet with a sea restaurant. 20-30 minutes walk to the Sports Embankment or Railway Station or the beginning of Svetlanskaya Street. 5 minutes walk to the pebble beach, sports fields and a sports stadium. Nearby there is also a bus stop.

Some interesting accommodation options:

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Health Path History

The trail was opened in 2015 and the project is one of the three planned. There is a promise of the city administration to improve the sea coast of Vladivostok and extend the walking path. Currently, most of the coast is abandoned or rented for garages and parking for boats and cars


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