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Lazo Park and the beach on the Sanatorium

The culture park named after Sergey Lazo is located on the shore of the Amurskiy Bay, 20 kilometers from the Center of Vladivostok . A park by the sea is well suited for relaxing in any season. In summer, warm water, a sandy beach and a solarium for tanning. At the same time, you can be in the shade of the park . In the cool season, you can come on a picnic, take a walk, sit on benches by the water. In winter, the traditional ice rink at the Sanatorium is open.

Things to do in Lazo Park

Sandy beach and shady park

The beach is perfect for sunbathing. At the end of the beach there is a solarium with sunbeds . You can swim, the sandy shore, shallow entry into the water, usually there are no waves. But the water is usually cloudy , there are algae. There are showers and toilets.

Cafes and kebabs

There are numerous cafes with barbecue - oriental cuisine. There are also bars and coffee.

Children's and adult attractions at the Sanatorium

For children there are free swings and step ladders. And also various paid attractions: a trampoline, an inflatable town and others. Bicycle and gig scooter rentals are available. You can also swim on a catamaran. Approximate rental prices.

How to get to the Sanatornaya station and Lazo Park

By train

An electric train is traditionally used to get to the Sanatornaya station and Lazo Park without a car. 30 minutes from Central Station without traffic jams and you are in the fresh air. A ticket can be bought in the pavilion on the viaduct from the Central Square. The trains depart every half hour. Your stop Sanatornaya is right at the entrance to the park.

By taxi and by car

Cost taxi from the center of Vladivostok 300-350 rub. It is not recommended to drive a car during peak hours on weekdays and weekends during the swimming season - there will be traffic jams. Drive 40 minutes without traffic jams.

By bus

Opening hours and ticket price

Entrance to the park is currently free. The toilet costs 20 rubles. The working hours of Lazo Park are 24h

Where to go next

Near the Lazo Park is a botanical garden, walk about 1.5 km or 20 minutes. You can drive by taxi further to Shamora beach, drive 14 km and 20 minutes. In the hot season during the daytime traffic jams. You can go in the evening.

Holiday Ideas

The location is great for a picnic. Take a beach cover to spread on the grass, buy in advance Vladivostok food in the supermarket and do not forget the thermos with tea. If you arrive in the morning, there will be few people and you will enjoy the silence.


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