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Sea and railway station of Vladivostok, as well as Aeroexpress

These stations are close by, 3 minutes on foot. Marine and Railway Stations are real attractions. The sea port is a viewing platform , the railway is a beautiful historical building . If you are interested in the Maritime Station, visit at the same time the Railway and vice versa. If you come from the airport by express, you can walk 5 minutes to the sea port viewport in front of the hotel.

Railway Station

The railway station is a recognizable, well-restored tsarist building (1893). You can look outside, you can go inside. In one of the beautiful halls opened a large exhibition and sale of products from amber. The station is similar to Yaroslavsky in Moscow. The longest railway in the world was terminated by similar design stations.

Cost of services at the railway station

Aeroexpress - just a train to the airport

Aeroexpess building - this is a newly built mini-station, which serves trains to Vladivostok airport Knevichi (no others). Tickets for express at the airport are sold in it. Schedule rigged under the Moscow flights Aeroflot.

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Where to stay - hotels near the railway station

The railway station and the Maritime Station in Vladivostok are traditionally the most tourist area, with the largest number of hotels and hostels. In the fall, winter and spring, there should be no problems with booking a hotel, but in the summer the prices are inadequate and everything is sold out. Choose from what is free and fit into your budget. The solution can be a bed or a relatively inexpensive private room in the hostel.

Pros and cons of hotels near the station

It can be noted for all hotels in the area of the station a common plus is a great location: near the train to the airport, a supermarket, many cafes and restaurants, a promenade. For a short stay in the city this is the best area

Common downsides are usually small hotel rooms, poor sound insulation + often noisy Chinese neighbors. Also, there is often no air conditioning in hotels.

Examples of prices for a double room in hight season and off-season

Hotel Primorye Closest to train stations, well suited for short trips. 4800-6800r. Posyetskaya, 20
+7(423) 241-14-22
Hotel Moryak Budget hotel with friendly staff. 3500-4700r. Posyetskaya, 38
+7 (423) 2499-499
Hotel Zemchuzhina Fresh, clean rooms 4700-6000r. Bestuzheva, 29
+7 (423) 230-23-58
Teplo Small Hotel. There is a common kitchen with a coffee machine! There are rooms without a window and without a toilet (shower only), they are cheaper, pay attention when booking. from 4000r. Posyetskaya, 16
8(800) 500-07-51
Vladpoint New mini Hotel in the business center 4500-6000r. Posyetskaya, 14, 5 этаж
+7(423) 239-07-97

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Рostels in the area of railway station

Abordage Hostel near the railway station from 1600r. for room From 500r. for bed Trudovaya, 13
Hostel Pirs Hostel in the center - the beginning of Cape Egersheld Room from 2300r. bed from 500r. Ryleeva, 8
+7 (914) 703-35-53
Optimum Popular hostel on the 2nd floor of the building Gray Horse. Great location in the downtown. Room from 1700r., bed from 550r. Aleutskaya, 17
+7 (423) 272-91-11
Hostel Voyage Simple Hostel near to the railway station Room from 2000 р. bed from 500r. Aleutskaya, 8B
+7 (423) 230-14-45

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Marine Station and Observation Deck

I like the Maritime Station for its huge viewing platform overlooking the Golden Horn Bay and the bridge. You need to go through the station building or bypass it on the right. You will find yourself on a huge balcony. There are benches that are usually free, as well as a sundial.

At the sea station you can meet a cruise ship, as well as a regular ferry to South Korea. Eastern Dream DBS Ferry.

What you can buy at the Marine Port

Inside the station, you will find take-out coffee and tourist shops with souvenirs, appliances, various tourist things, such as thermoses, knives bags, etc. There is an interesting store of Chinese green tea and a photo shop from Japan at competitive prices.

Addresses and phone numbers of the maritime station

American locomotive and kilometer pole

Near the locomotive monument you will find a beautiful kilometer railway pole with a coat of arms. You will be able to find out the length of the Trans-Siberian Railway - the “Great Siberian Way” from Moscow to Vladivostok through Eurasia, as well as traditionally photographed. The monuments can be started from the viaduct. You will see them on top.

Ideas and tips

Cafes, shops and other infrastructure near the train stations

How to get to the railway and Maritime Station


From the central square

You can bypass the administration building and walk along Aleutskaya Street along the road. But there is a shorter way through the viaduct that is used by the locals. It is necessary to go from the central square to the viaduct, it is in the left corner of the square if you look at the tall administration building. Walk along it, the viaduct will turn right. Then you can reach the end of the viaduct and walk along the path to Aeroexpress. Everything is clearly visible on the spot.

From the waterfront, from the Ocean Cinema

From the Cinema "Ocean", go up the sidewalk along Naberezhnaya Street. You need to climb to the top and then go down and you will see the station buildings.


The final stop of everything of Vladivostok railway transport is Vladivostok Сentral railway station station. Suburban trains use platforms with access to a viaduct. Long-distance trains depart and arrive on platforms with access to the railway station.


The railway station is connected by city buses with almost all parts of the city.

Take a taxi or drive

The cost of travel around Vladivostok by taxi is approximately 300r.

Across the road from the train stations, on the side of the monument to Lenin there is free parking. On working days, most likely you will not find any available places.

Where to go nexr

By foot

By taxi

Taxis can be called by phone or online via popular taxi services of Vladivostok A trip around the city will cost up to 300r. At the station taxi prices will traditionally be overestimated by 2-3 times.

By train

For a tourist living in the city center suburban railway can be useful for a trip to Airport as well as out-of-town park Lazo with a beach at the Sanatornaya stop.


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