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Naberezjnaya Tsesarevicha (Crown prince enmbankment)

Nice view of the Golden Bridge and the bay Golden Horn . At the end of the seafrontfront there is a shipyard and a dry dock. Sometimes you can catch a submarine under repair. A branch of the railway passes through the territory. An interesting and unusual view is complemented by renovated historical barracks built under the tsar. All this long ago was the territory of the shipyard (178 SRZ).

It was planned that on the seafrontfront will be opened many cafes, restaurants and other entertainment. But the renovated buildings have been empty for several years. But despite this the seafrontfront is popular and maintained in good condition. I like the present state of affairs, since there is no crowd

Thanks to the smooth granite cover, the embankment is very popular with skaters and skateboarders . Also in the parking lot smoking smoking hookahs. The embankment can be visited both in the afternoon and in the late evening

History of place and name

The name of the embankment is connected with the history of the Shipyard. In 1891, with the participation of Tsesarevich Nikolai Alexandrovich , a dry dock was founded - a giant strategic construction. The first wheelbarrow with the ground was taken by the Tsarevich himself. Henceforth, - wrote the local newspaper, - we will not resort to the expensive services of foreigners to repair our ships, and the hundreds of thousands of rubles will remain with us.

Entertainment for children and adults

Sports equipment rental

Naberezjnaya Tsesarevicha is suitable for walking, as well as for riding (on everything that rolls). If you do not have your own equipment, then you can rent it. Unfortunately, civilized rental office shut down. There are spontaneous rentals of roller skates, scooters, various, skateboards and segways, as well as children's cars from private individuals from the trunks of their cars. The cost of renting a gyroscooter 150r. per 10 minutes

Roller skateboarding training

On an empty parking lot near the barracks at the end of the embankment, there is organized training for roller skating for children and adults. Usually in the evening. The cost of training for children around 500r. You can take individual trane for an adult or a child.

Children's playground

A large playground with evening lighting. Part of the site is adapted for children with disabilities.

Cafes, fast food and shops

There are several fast food outlets. Two are located in the car park, two stalls near the playground and another kiosk at the end of the embankment. Sample prices:

At the nearest bus-stop "Polytechnichesky", there is an inexpensive self-service restaurant "Republic". Learn more about cafes and restaurants in Vladivostok ...

How to get to the Cesarevich Embankment

The embankment is located in the city center, below Svetanskaya Street, in the vicinity of the Polytechnichesky bus stop.

Walk or take a bus

How to get by taxi

The address of Cesarevich Embankment Korabelnaya naberezhnaya, 21. From the central areas of the city cost of a taxi will be minimal. Within 300 rubles.

Where to go next

Funicular to the Eagle’s Nest viewpoint. You need to go up to Svetlanskaya Street to walk along the sidewalk away from the bridge, go along the pedestrian crossing to FEFU, go up the stairs and go through the arch of the red building. 10 minutes.

Pass quickly to the Korabelnaya Embankment and submarine C-56, then you can go to the Central square You need to go through the parking lot to the square with tigers and walk along the sidewalk along the road towards the bridge. Pass under the bridge, you will soon see a submarine


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