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Vladivostok Botanical Garden

Biological Garden Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences - An active research center for the plant world, as well as a popular place for walking in Vladivostok at any time of the year. Sometimes we come here to walk along forest paths, talk, learn something new about the inhabitants of the forest. And in the spring, admire the blooming garden. Now more about what is in the garden:

The garden itself

For connoisseurs of flowers in the Botanical Garden there is a huge collection-exhibition of flowers and plants of the Far East. Nice to walk along the paths surrounded by unusual flowers. The Botanical Garden is developing, ennobled, equipped with new places for recreation.

What and when blooms - calendar





Tropical plants, tulips and orchids will meet you in the greenhouse. In winter, such an attractioncan be especially interesting.

Ecological trail

A walking route through a wild protected forest with a length of about 2 km. It is a gentle climb to the hill. The path is equipped with benches and places for picnics. You are expected to walk among the Majestic cedars and firs, yew, juniper and other representatives of coniferous-deciduous forests of Southern Primorye. The aroma of flowering trees is indescribable. There are many information plates with descriptions of trees and plants. And also everyone who runs crawls and flies through the territory of the Primorsky Territory. Great Opportunity to broaden your horizons.

History of the garden

After the end of World War II, the USSR Academy of Sciences opened three botanical gardens throughout the country. The main one is in Moscow, one more each in Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. The task of these institutions was to plant useful and valuable plants from the wild there to strengthen the post-war economy.

Children's entertainment

There is a good playground, a pond with tadpoles, a chicken coop and other modest entertainment for children.

Official site of the Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden - an emerald in the necklace of our beloved city of Vladivostok. We invite you to visit the botanical garden and for a few hours to abandon the city bustle and problems. Having taken the first steps in the garden, you will plunge into the wonderful world of plants, find yourself under the crowns of magnificent firs and cedars. You will like it.

How to get to the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is located outside the city, 20 kilometers from Vladivostok in the sanatorium microdistrict. The main entrance near the bus stop "Botanical Garden". There is also parking near the main entrance.

Take the bus

Almost all suburban buses pass through the stop of the botanical garden. The easiest way to get

By car or taxi

From the center, if without traffic jams, take about 30 minutes. Parking is not large and can be crowded. Address for calling a taxi: 142 Makovsky

Opening hours, ticket prices and contacts

Operating mode

Entry Cost


Where to eat and infrastructure nearby

Near the entrance there is a couple of fast-food pit-type cafes. Coffee burgers, salads. You can also find a small grocery store.

Sedanka City Mall

If you take a bus and drive 4 stops in the direction of the city (buses run often) to the Sedanka City stop,  then you will see the huge Sedanka City shopping center with a large supermarket, various shops, including sports, and a large food court on the top floor.  You can eat inexpensively at the Samberi on the ground floor grocery supermarket. There is a budget pizzeria with free tea right inside the grocery supermarket.

What is next to the Garden and where to go next

Lazo Park

Nearby there is a park " Sergey Lazo " on the Sanatorium with a beach. Walk 1.6 km. You need to go 1 kilometer towards the city along the highway, then turn onto 10thaya Street and go towards the sea right 700 meters to the Sanatornaya railway station. Places are not deaf.

Shamora beach

During the Summer season, you can drive to Shamora Beach by taxi or car. Drive about 15 minutes without traffic jams. But during the swimming season there are usually deaf traffic jams from 11-12 days to 16-17 hours in this direction.


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