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Primorsky aquarium on the Russkiy island

The aquarium is brand new and beautiful. I really liked both the inside and outside territory (the marine park free). Sometimes we come just for a walk. Be sure to stock up on time to walk around. Now, in order, what is interesting in the aquarium.

Aquarium with a huge aquarium

Inside the undulating building, you will find aquariums, mini cinemas, an underwater tunnel, and a sea of ​​beautiful cognitive information. 3 thematic exhibitions:

Dolphinarium and excursions

In the dolphinarium from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. there are dolphin shows . Every hour there are free sightseeing tours of the aquarium. There are also various paid thematic excursions on certain days of the week by appointment. See the schedule at Official website

Marine park and promenade

The area around is a design park with unusual sculptures: sea kale, scallops, trepangs and other sea monsters. Please note that if you go beyond the aquarium towards the sea, then you will find a continuation - the embankment, and another park with a pond, walkways and walkways. Entrance to the territory of the park is free , that is, to just walk you do not need to buy ticket to the aquarium

Fun for children

On the territory of the aquarium near the main building there are 2 huge playgrounds. You will see them on the way from the checkpoint.

Cafes and Restaurants

There are 2 cafes and a restaurant in the aquarium. Cafes are located on the 2nd floor. One cafe overlooking the park, another cafe has an interesting marine design. Entrance to the restaurant - in the middle of the sea tunnel.

There are no shops near the aquarium. The closest place of civilization is the FEFU campus - 2 bus stops in the direction of the city

Cafe prices

Examples of prices in a restaurant

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Tips and ideas for spending time

Weather on the island and clothes for walking

The weather in Russian may differ from the weather in the city, both for the worse and for the better. If the city has sun, then on the Russian island there may be fog and vice versa. There can also be a strong wind.

Take a swim on the beach

In summer, in fine weather, you can swim on the beach in Akhlestyshev Bay in walking distance. But keep in mind that walking along a dusty road with cars for about a kilometer (20 minutes).   By bus, you can get to several more beaches of the Russian island. The simplest option is the beach FEFU in Ajax Bay. Drive 2 stops towards the city.

Picnic in the aquarium park

Food in the cafe and restaurant of the aquarium is not the cheapest. You can save and enjoy the fresh sea air by organizing a picnic in the seafront park of the aquarium. To do this, you must first grab food from home or buy in the city at the supermarket. Here you can read about what to buy and eat in Vladivostok. There are no shops on the territory of the aquarium

How to get to the aquarium

Despite the fact that the Vladivostok Aquarium is located far from the city center, getting to it does not constitute any problems and financial costs. You can quite easily get on your own by bus. The bus will take you to the entrance of the "Research Center", then 10 minutes you need to go along the illuminated sidewalk with beautiful sea views or you can take the shuttle bus.

How to get there by car

You need to come to Russky Island, then go past the campus FEFU University, get to the fork in the aquarium (there will be a large signpost over the road) and turn left towards the aquarium. Next you will see car parks and a checkpoint. You must leave the car in the parking lot, or if the parking lots are busy, then on the sidelines of adjacent roads. You cannot go through the checkpoint.

By taxi

Taketaxi from the city center for 17 km. and 25 minutes. The cost of the trip is within 600 rubles. The address of the aquarium, which will need to be reported to the dispatcher, is Russky Island, Akademika Kasyanova 25 . A taxi will take you to the aquarium checkpoint.

By city bus

You need to get to the stop "aquarium" on the Russian island. Several regular city buses have a terminus at the aquarium.

Without traffic jams, the bus runs from the city center about 30-40 minutes. On working days during peak hours from 17.30 to 19.00 often traffic jams on the Golden Bridge. Therefore, the travel time to the aquarium may increase up to 1.5 hours

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Where to buy tickets and cost of visiting

Tickets are sold in the aquarium itself (a separate building to the left of the main building). And also over the Internet. E-ticket must be to printed Through the Internet, you can buy adult and children's (5-14 years) tickets to the aquarium. Children under 5 years old are free.

Just admission to the park is free. It is not allowed to ride bicycles and (even children's scooters!).

Ticket price

Adult Exposure 1000r. + dolphinarium 200 rub.
Children (5-14 years old), Social (for pensioners, disabled people of I and II groups, war veterans) Exposure 500r. + dolphinarium 100 rub.
Tour of 1-4 people 1100 rub. per group + tickets to the aquarium if needed

You can buy a ticket or check the information (prices are constantly changing!) on the official website aquarium

Operating hours of the aquarium


What to visit next

The aquarium is located on the Russian island, so the visit can be combined with another attraction of the island, for example FEFU campus or Voroshilov battery. But it is better, in my opinion, to allocate 1 major attraction per day.


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