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Vladivostok Sports Embankment and the "Millionka"

Suitable for walking. In the evening a beautiful sunset over the harbor. We can say that the embankment of the Sports Harbor is the most popular place for recreation and entertainment in Vladivostok. All interesting places and sights are nearby: a walkway along the sea with cafes and restaurants, "Admirala Fokina" small pedestrian street, courtyards of the "Millionka" disrict, a fountain, and others.

The promenade and sports harbor beach

The embankment starts from the sports complex Olympian and ends at the Pacific Fleet military station. (traditional venue for marine parades). Swimming on the Sports Embankment is prohibited , as well as on other urban beaches. Solarium for lovers of sunbathing is on Jubilee beach. The embankment is about 1.5 km or 20 minutes on foot.

Fountain and Round Square

The embankment area is often used for concerts and other city events. The Music Light Fountain on the embankment and the fountains on the pedestrian Fokin Street usually start by 1 May. Fountains work from 10 to 22 o'clock, on weekends until midnight. The central fountain is a classic venue.

Jubilee Beach

For a tourist, the interest may be Jubilee Beach - the recently landscaped (partly) area of the sports waterfront behind a barge with a beach, street cafes, fish shop, bike rental and playgrounds. Address beach Jubilee Naberezhnaya 7a

Trail Path of Health

A footpath drawn on the road starts from Olympian and runs along the sea through the embankment, the Pacific Fleet base, Amursky Bay Hotel, Yacht Club 7 feet, and ends with a playground of the Maritime University. Length is about 3 km and about 40 minutes one way on foot. When there are few people, for example, during the day on a working day, you can ride a bike (there is a rental near the barge on Jubileiny Beach).

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Admiral Fokin Pedestrian Street

One of the oldest streets of Vladivostok, passes through the places of the former Chinese "Millionka". The historical name is Pekinskaya (Beijing) Street. In 1860 in Beijing, the Russian-Chinese Treaty, called the Beijing Treaty , was signed, according to which China, weakened by opium wars, agreed to draw the border along the Amur river, and Primorye became part of the Russian Empire.

Pedestrian street is not very long, goes to the embankment to the central fountain. There are small fountains and shops. Interest are cafes and shops. You can go to any arch and walk along the streets of "Millionka".

There is a popular street name - Arbat , which appeared in the nineties after the reconstruction of the street. So if you hear on the Arbat - this is exactly this place.

Millionka is a popular attraction

Crowded and dysfunctional residential areas in which the Chinese lived at the beginning of the century. Take a look at any arch and walk a bit, if you like it, you can continue exploring, go into one yard, exit the other, climb the iron stairs. Some yards are abandoned, some renovated, you can find interesting restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops, otelchik. Most of the premises used for small shops, offices, as well as mini-hotels and hostels.

Find Millionka is very simple - the streets and old buildings are located around Fokina Street, from the sea. Indicative address Fokina, 5

"Ocean" Cinema and Sidewalk with Specific Platforms

The Round "Ocean" Cinema can be seen from anywhere in the Sports Harbor. In the "Ocean" there is a hall Imax, the cost of tickets is usually 200-400 rubles. Showtimes and tickets online at Ocean Cinema official website

The cinema has a popular and inexpensive cafe of Singaporean cuisine Dumpling Republic . You can walk up the embankment street itself with viewports.

Cinema Address Naberezhnaya, 3, phone 2-406-406

Museum of Vladivostok Fortress

You can easily walk through one of the forts of the Vladivostok fortress, and get a closer look at the history of the city. Coastal battery Bezymyannaya (Unnamed) is near the Aquarium, you need to climb the stairs up. In the open air there are many different weapons. Children love it - everything is spinning and moving. An interesting museum of weapons of various epochs is arranged in the casemates. From the fort offers a panoramic view of the waterfront.

Sports and leisure activities on the waterfront

Olympian Sports Complex

The largest sports complex in Vladivostok, there are many sports sections for children and adults. Nearby there are many shops, playgrounds, an outdoor sports ground and a skate playground - a ramp. There is also a large free parking.

Swimming Pool

The longest sports pool in Vladivostok - 50m. There is free swimming and group classes with training.

Olympic Gym

Gym for lovers of weightlifting overlooking the promenade. Phone: 240-71-38. The cost of a single visit 300r. The closest fitness room Geometry of fitness is in the mall Clover House, one-time visit costs 500 rub. Phone 273-00-77

Rent a Bike

Bicycle hire is located behind a barge on Jubilee Beach. In the rental you can take a mountain bike or an ordinary bike. There are also hoverboards. You can ride along the embankment 1.5 km andalong the trail Path of Health 3 km. It is better to ride along the embankment in the morning or afternoon, as there are usually many people in the evening.

JumpInс Trampoline Center

Entertainment and sports arena for trampolining for children and adults. A single visit costs 350-450r.

"Bodrost" Bath Complex

Updated historic sauna complex of saunas and swimming pools. Works hamam, dry (Finnish) and wet (Russian) steam room. There is a lounge and a cafe-bar. All necessary accessories are issued.

Football - Dynamo Stadium and Luch team

On the waterfront is the Dynamo Football Stadium. Home stadium for Vladivostok team is Luch (Ray), which plays in the second league. Ticket offices near the fountain (price is approximately 200-500r.) Match schedule on the Luch's official website

Embankment for children


Playgrounds with slides of stairs and swings are opposite the Olympian sport complex and behind the Barge on Jubilee Beach

Aquarium, terrarium and butterfly exhibition

The aquarium is small, currently being refitted. Some aquariums are empty and the second floor is closed. In the aquarium there is a large pool with sharks and carp. A minor attraction. Next door is an exhibition of butterflies and a contact mini-zoo. Do not confuse with the new Aquarium on Russkiy Island

"Carousel" Children's Amusement Park

A good selection of rides for children for different ages. In addition to standard carousels, trampolines, cars and the Ferris wheel there are unusual. For example, you can work on an excavator or milk a cow. Ticket price from 50 to 300p. for the game. For example, a ferris wheel costs 100p . 5 minutes on the trampoline 200r. Full catalog of attractions on the site

To find a park is simple - go to the side of the Ferris wheel

Where to eat - overview of cafes and restaurants on the waterfront

Summer open air cafes

On the waterfront at every step, you can easily find a cafe - barbecue. A large civilized barbecue - a pub near the yacht club. Tables are located on the former pier under a canopy. On the contrary, in front of the sportcompex "Olympian" there are several cafes with terraces on the second floor and views of the sea and the sunset.

The second large cluster of cafes with kebabs beer and seafood near the barge. And behind a barge, on the anniversary beach, not so long ago, several fashionable cafes and bars opened. As well as seafood shop at tourist prices. Examples of food prices on the waterfront:

Cafes and restaurants on the sports promenade

Can recommend a few well-deserved restaurants:

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Seafood Shops

In the shops you can buy shrimp and bearfish, scallops, smoked squid. As well as salted and smoked fish and seafood. Prices are high. One store is near Barge, another one near the yacht club (landmark - Lighthouse). Price examples:

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Ideas and Tips

In the evening a great sunset. Be sure to come in advance.

Tourist Accommodation

The Sports Harbor area is the most popular tourist destination. All entertainment and restaurants within walking distance. Bus interchanges are also nearby. The price of housing is the highest. For the summer season, almost everything is booked in advance for several months.

In the 'Millionka' district several hostels and mini-hotels are open to budget travelers.

Examples of hotels and prices

Examples prices for a double room in the normal season and summer season (much more expensive):

Budget hotel Amursky Bay, rooms with balconies and sea views 2000r - 6000r
Azimut - a hotel European standard 4500r - 12500r.
Aparthotel Arbat, rooms with a small kitchen 4200r-6300r
Mini-hotel Filin i sova 2500r-3000r
Guest house Arbat 11on the pedestrian street "Admirala Fokina" from 800r for a bed and from 1800r for a room

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Where is the embankment and how to get there

The sports embankment is located in the city center five minutes walk from the Central Square.


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