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Transport of Vladivostok - how to get around by bus, train and taxi

Vladivostok city buses

The central large bus interchanges-stops in the center are Semenovskaya square ( Semenovskaya, 15) and Railway Station. Many bus routes pass through stops at The Central square.

What are the buses and how to use

Big and small Korean buses, GAZ minibuses and German comfortable MAN work in the city. 2 wonderful electric buses have appeared recently.

The fare in the city is 28 rubles, payment at the exit , through the front door. You can pay with a bank card on a stable basis. All buses are equipped with working payment terminals. At stops, there are usually route numbers on the schedule. Some bus stops in the center are equipped with electronic signs with bus numbers and the remaining arrival time.

Routers and online tracking

The following sites will help you to get around the city by public transport:

Bus stops in the center near the square

  1. Near the monument, many buses go along the main street Svetlanskaya to its end (Lugovovya Square), then to the Balyaeva, Churkin and Tikhaya. That is, if you need a stop on Svetlanskaya street, for example, to get to the stop Polytechnic where Funicular and Crown prince embankment, take any bus.
  2. Across the road from the monument near the Central Shopping Center. Most buses go to Railway station (faster on foot) and towards the Vtoraya rechka distict. Every 5 minutes there is a bus number 54a on which you can go to the direction of Pervaya rechka
  3. Across the road from the Administration building towards the sea, near the square and the gray horse building, buses go to lighthouse via the railway station
  4. Izumrud stop is suitable if you need to get Russkiy island. You need to go up Okeansky Prospekt 300 meters to a stop near the Green Glass Shopping Center. Bus number 15 leaves every 15 minutes, travel time 1 hour 20 minutes.

Buses from the railway station

From the railway station you can travel in absolutely any direction. From railway station departure suburban buses and bus №107 to Vladivostok airport

Buses from Semenovskaya square

City routes to the Pervaya rechka , Nekrasovskaya, BAM, Stoletie , Vtoraya rrechka and the Bus Station. You can quickly get to Viewpoint eagle's nest at the top funicular station by bus to No. 38

There are suburban routes that can be useful for reaching Shamora Beach in Lazurnaya Bay (bus number 28 every 1.5 hours to the village of Emar). and the Botanical Garden or Lazo Park with a beach (bus 102t every 15 minutes).

Taxi in Vladivostok

Public transport in Vladivostok does not work very well. Buses often stand at bus stops for a long time, crowded during rush hours, in the evening after 21-22 hours almost do not go. The problem can be solved by numerous inexpensive taxis:

List of Pupular Taxi Services

Approximate prices for trips from the center of Vladivostok

Tips for calling a taxi

In the morning from 8 to 9 and in the evening from 18 to 19 at rush hour, the waiting time of the car increases and the taxi is often late. The same problem occurs in snowfall and heavy rain. It’s better not to try to move around the city during rush and bad weather.

Suburban trains and the airport

In the center, exits to the platforms are from of the Central Square and Railway Station. Tickets can be bought at the ticket office of the railway station, as well as at the ticket office of the Suburban passenger trains - the pavilion on the viaduct from the Central Square

For tourists, commuter trains can be useful to quickly get Airport, Lazo Park on Sanatorna, Botanical Garden (+ walk 15 minutes) and the bus station on the "Second River" without traffic jams. Electric trains go often. Useful sites:

Estimated prices and duration of trip

Intercity buses and bus station

Bus station Vladivostok

Buses around the Primorsky Territory depart from the Vladivostok Bus Station, which is located far from the city center in the district of ​​"Vtoraya rechka"

Contact Information

How much are the tickets

Examples of bus ticket prices from Vladivostok to some cities in the Primorsky Territory

Bus schedule and ticket purchase

In my opinion, the most convenient site to watch the schedule and buy a bus ticket online is A choice of places is available. Attention! printed ticket is required

Buy a bus ticket →

How to get to the bus station

  1. By taxi from the city center - the trip will cost about 200-250r. Possible traffic jams.
  2. By train you can get from the central railway station to the Vtoraya Rechka stop and walk 5 minutes. Any train is suitable, go 3 stops and about 15 minutes. The trains leave often
  3. By bus from the center, go 30-40 minutes. I recommend bus number 23 leaves every 5 minutes from Semenovskaya Square (5 minutes walk from Central Square) indicative address Semenovskaya 15

Mountain tram - Vladivostok funicular

An excellent working transport attraction, the Vladivostok funicular will take you to the Viewpoint Eagle's Nest (or species DVGTU) from the stop of the Polynehnicheskiy on Svetlanskaya. Read more about Funicular in Vladivostok


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