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Eagle's Nest observation platform and Vladivostok cablecar (funicular)

Observation deck on the Eagle's Nest mount

I recommend to climb the observation platform of the Eagle's Nest on the funicular and enjoy the excellent panoramic view of Vladivostok. You can come to the view day and evening. If there is no fog, you will see the Golden Horn and Cape Churkin, Cape Egersheld. Take classic photos of the Golden Bridge . In the evening, sunset and night city. The place is located in the city center and is popular with tourists and locals.

To get to the observation deck is best on the cable car (Funicular)

Vladivostok Funicular

Do not miss the opportunity to ride on a great attraction for the price of ordinary urban transport. Vladivostok funicular performs its transport function and pleases residents and guests of the city with beautiful views.  On the cable car, you’ll reach the top station in 2 minutes, and in five minutes on foot you’re already in view Eagle's Nest

Funicular history

There is a famous story like N.S. Khrushchev during his return from his famous trip to the United States in 1959, being impressed, he will order the construction of a funicular in Vladivostok, following the example of the San Francisco cable cars. Construction finished in 1962. The main function of the mountain tram was the transportation of students between academic buildings of the Polytechnic Institute.

Opening hours, fare

If the funicular does not work, you can climb along the parallel stairs in 15 minutes. Rest on the way is not prohibited

How to get to the funicular

How to get to the viewing platform of the Eagle's Nest from the Funicular

When you leave the funicular building, or from the bus (you can also go by bus) you will see at the top a gray unusual building - this is the FEFU building - you need to go there. By the underpass you need to go through the square inside the transportation ring, then go through the second passage to the viaduct. Next you need to go along a bad staircase and along the path to walk on a sidewalk of concrete slabs and walk along it to the viewing platform and the monument to Cyril and Methodius. The whole journey will take you 5-7 minutes .

The cost of the trip in Vladivostok by taxi will be minimal. Address taxi call Aksakovskaya, 3A

Alternative ways to get to the Eagle's Nest viewpoint

I repeat that the classic route is to reach the "Polytechnichesky" bus stop on Svetlanskaya street (2 stops from the Center and 3 from Railway Station ) and go up the funicular. But there are other options:

Drive or taxi

By car you can drive into a small parking lot on the viewport itself. Check-in is on the side of "Gogolya" street with one-way traffic. Turn where the stadium and go around the academic building behind.

By Bus

By bus to the viewport (more precisely, to the upper station of the funicular) you ca get:

Cafes and Shops


The nearest small grocery stores are located downstairs on Sukhanova Street and Svetlanskaya (Lazo). The nearest large grocery supermarket is far away on Semenovskaya square (Clever House)

Where to eat - cafes and restaurants

Not far from the lower station of the funicular at the "Polytechnichesky" bus stop there is a budget self-service restaurant Republic (Good choice of dishes, including take-away, pancakes, a cafe with good coffee and beer) On Sukhanova there is a cafe "Bakery Michel", Mexican cafe "Burritos".

Learn more about food in Vladivostok →

Tips for visiting

Upstairs, the wind is usually much stronger, I recommend to take clothes a little warmer, a hat or a hood. Cafe with drinks and food on top of the species is not. There are no toilets either.

Where to go next

Classic route on foot. Go down by funicular to the street Svetlanskaya and stop FESTU. Walking distance (5-10 minutes) will be The Crown Prince Embankment and Pacific Fleet Museum.

Then you can go to the Central Square and Svetlanskaya Street


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