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Tokarev Lighthouse on Egersheld cape in Vladivostok

The lighthouse and Tokarev’s cat

A pleasant and unusual place for a walk in the fresh air with a view of Russky island and the bridge. In summer you can swim, in spring and autumn just stay at the water in silence. The Tokarevsky lighthouse itself is operational, it means stranded - Tokarevskaya cat and the border of the entrance to the Golden Horn Bay.

Tokarevskaya cat is a narrow strip of land, conditionally consisting of two parts. Beginning - from cape to the platform on which the power transmission tower stands is always above water, it can be reached by car. The second part from the power transmission line to the lighthouse hides under the water for about 10 cm at low tide. At high tide, it appears above the water and through it you can reach the lighthouse without soaking your feet

The beach near the lighthouse is one of the few places suitable for swimming in the city, therefore, in the summer there are many people and many cars, especially in the evening. There are cafes and food stalls. Nearby is a paid landscaped rocky beach with sunbeds, a sunbathing area, a cafe and a toilet.

How to get to the Lighthouse

It’s better to take a taxi, but if you have time, getting on the bus is also not a problem. A taxi will take you directly to the place, and from the bus stop you will need to walk 20 minutes along the path through the hill and the beach. See the map. The path is not abandoned; locals go to the beach along it. In winter, it’s better to take a taxi.

By taxi or car

Address for taxi call. Street Tokarevsky mayak, 2 The trip will cost about 250 p. In front of the Tokarevskaya cat there is a platform near the cafe where you can leave the car. You can certainly go further by car, but it will be more interesting to walk on foot.

How to get there by bus

The lighthouse can be reached by bus from any area of the city. All buses going to the lighthouse pass through the center and the station. Look for the inscription on the lighthouse bus. In order not to go the other way, check with the driver if the bus goes to the lighthouse. Buses No. 59,60,62,63,81 are suitable/ From the bus stop you can continue walking along the asphalt road (no sidewalk).    Go up between the new buildings before refueling, then a long descent to the sea, only 20 minutes. You will see a cafe and parking

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How to get out and what's next

In order not to climb the mountain back to the only bus stop it is better to call a taxi. The nearest interesting place is the beach of the Nevelskogo Maritime University, from which begins Trail Path of Health - an asphalt foot path along the sea along which you can walk to the sports promenade in 20 minutes. The nearest supermarket is near the Mayak bus stop.


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