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Cafes and restaurants of Vladivostok, as well as street food


Trendy Southeast Asian Restaurant
Waterfront area Fontannaya 2
Tel. 2222-666
Soup Tom Kha or Tom Yam 430r
A chain of popular sushi bars
Dalzavod Svetlanskaya, 121
Center Semenovskaya, 7В
Pervaya rechka Ostryakova, 8
Tel. 222-88-88
California roll 250g 365r
Restaurant Korean cuisine at the Korean hotel Lotte
Center , Semenovskaya 29, Tel. 240-73-10 A large dish for 2 persons 1000-3000r.
Fifth Ocean
Sea restaurant with sea and sunset views
Embankment Batareynaya, 2v
Tel. 243-34-25
baked halibut 200g. 640r, fish soup 440r
Far Eastern cuisine, seafood
Dalpress (Ignat shopping center) Komsomolskaya 11
Tel. +7 (924) 7315868
Strigun crab 1kg, 1300 rub., flounder fried 120 rub for 100 gr, fish soup 470 rub.
Cafe Pyongyang
Food from North Korea. Tasty and inexpensive
Train station Verhneportovaya, 68
Tel. 273-92-01
fried seafood 350g. 550r

Various restaurants

American design and the right steaks
Dalpress (TC Ignat) , Komsomolskaya 11 Rib eye steak 200g. 1050 rub.
Porto Franco
Historical restaurant, cuisine according to old Russian recipes
Center Svetlanskaya 13
Tel. 270-76-99
Roast pork 400 rub.
Panoramic restaurant, European cuisine
Center , Uborevicha 5a
Tel. 230-81-16
Halibut with a ratatouille 750 rub.
Panoramic restaurant on the Eagle's Nest hill
Center Aksakovskaya 1
Tel. 278-95-56
Salmon fillet with vegetables 900 rub
Popular restaurant of Georgian cuisine
On the embankment Fokina 1b
Tel. 227-77-22
Khinkalli 360 gr. 280 rub.
Chaykhona Khlopok
Uzbek restaurant chain
Center Aleutskaya, 17
Tel. 241-69-69
Khachapuri 400g 350r. lagman 330 rub.
Jimmy! Jimmy!
Indian Cuisine, Bombay Chefs
Center Aleutskaya 45a
Tel. 272-26-21
On Sports Embankment
A large dish for 2 persons 900 rub.
Contemporary Chinese Restaurant
Embankment , Pogranichnaya 10
Tel. 220-52-94
Gobozhuo 300g. 510rub, Fried eggplant with red pepper 500g. 460r.
White lamb
Azerbaijan meat cuisine
Embankment Pogranichnaya 12B
Tel. 201-77-66
Entrecote of lamb 150g. 550 rub.

Pizza and pasta

Pizza House
Family restaurant Italian cuisine with a children's room
Pervaya rechka , Ostryakova 5g
Avanguard , Svetlanskaya 106 ( "Avanguard" MALL)
Tel. 264-24-60
Pizza M
Historical pizzeria restaurant
Lazo , Svetlanskaya 51a
Tel. 226-85-11,
Center station , Posyetskaya 20

A large pizza (500g) or pasta costs an average of 400-500r. , cappuccino 130-150 rubles.

Work around the clock

Cozy cafe-restaurant
Lazo Svetlanskaya 61
Tel. 2-302-062
Mushroom cream soup 260 rub.
Fashionable and beautiful cafe, pastry shop, as well as kitchen
Center Svetlanskaya 18a
Tel. 255-22-22
Cappuccino 150r, desserts 250-300r, breakfast 280r

Inexpensive cafes

Dumping republic
Popular chain of Singaporean cafes
Svetlanskaya 31 (cinema Ussuri) Embankment
Embankment 3 (cinema Ocean )
Assorted dumplings 330 gr. 350 rubles.
fast Korean food.
Okeansky prospekt 17 (Fresh Plaza shopping center),
Soup with soya paste, meat and tofu + rice and salad dressings 325 rub.
Wow Pancake!
Inexpensive pancakes with various fillings.
Embankment-Arbat Fokina 9 Opening hours from 9 to 21.00 Pancake with butter 40r, pancake with red fish 230r.
Kochevnik (Nomad)
Cafe of Buryat-Mongolian cuisine.
Pushkinskaya 34, Tel. 222-31-31
Grilled ribs with salad 500g. 600 rub.
Momo Dumpling cafe Embankment Aleutskaya 43 Dumplings, dumplings 10 pcs. 150-280 rubles.
Dumplings (pelmeni), borscht and other dishes of Russian cuisine
Center Svetlanskaya 7 Dumplings 160 gr. 200-250 rubles.
Japanese Ramen
Japanese noodles
Center Mordovtseva, 3 Miso ramen soup 700g. 600 rub.
Mexican cuisine
Center Okeansky prospekt, 11 Soup and Quesadia 350 rubles.

Coffee Shops & Confectioneries

Kafema .
You will make the right coffee and learn how to make it. There you can buy fresh coffee and various items for cooking.
Several cafes in the center
Uborevicha 10b Tel. 249-96-69 Mordovtseva 3, Svetlanskaya 17, Embankment Batareinaya 2
Five O'Clock
A real English bakery
Arbat-Embankment Admirala Fokina 6 Latte 125r, walnut tartlet 75r
Vishnevy sad (Cherry Orchard)
Several cafes in the center :
cafe Dushechka, Svetlanskaya 33 (GUM).
Confectionery, Semenovskaya 1 until 20.00
Cake "Black Cat" 80 rub.
A large chain of pastry shops from Vladkhleb
in the Center several points
Confectionery chain
Embankment Pogranichnya 10

Center Okeansky prospekt 12


The brewery with the right steaks
The brewery and the main beer bar are located away from the center
Borisenko 52 Tel. 264-01-01
Beer is also sold in the fast food restaurant chain Republic. Mug of beer 0.5l. costs 135 rubles.
German cuisine and interior design
Svetlanskaya 3 Tel. 241-34-54
0.5l mug. costs 210r
Own beer and live music
Fokina 25a Tel. 240-68-75
mug 05l. - 150 rub

Where to eat in Vladivostok cheap

Republic - I recommend

Interesting cozy interior, soft sofas. Features of the kitchen - pancakes and fish dishes. There is a cafe-bar with espresso, cappuccino, alcoholic cocktails and beer from our own brewery. I advise you to try fried squid, cucumis brace, seaweed salad, Far Eastern soup. Opening hours from 10.00-22.00. There are several points in the city:

  1. Center, Okeansky prospekt 17 ("Fresh Plaza")
  2. District of the Polytechnic Institute, Svetlanskaya 83
  3. Not far from the Center station, Verhneportovaya 2g
  4. In the center of Admirala Fokina 20, the cafe specializes in dishes in a wok

Examples of food and beer prices

Dining Rooms

Don’t cry
Historical dining room at the Versailles . Very beautiful interior.
Center-Embankment Svetlanskaya 10 Cutlet 70r, baked herring 80r.
8 minutes
a large chain of cheap eateries
all over the city Borsch 50 rub., saffron 30 rub., cutlet 60 rub.
Gorynych cafe-dining room with an interesting design. on the embankment-Arbat Admirala Fokina 4A

Almost all cafes and restaurants offer business lunch at lunch time at a price of 200-350 rubles.

Food Courts

In Vladivostok there are 5 food courts in shopping centers. Do not forget that this is a fast food, not a full-fledged cafe. For example Dishes from Dumpling Replicas in in a cafe is much better.

Small GUM In the center
Svetlanskaya 45
An excellent food court with Vietnamese, Korean and Indian dishes and other cuisines. There is a cocktail bar and cafe. And most importantly, an open balcony with tables and views of the Golden Bridge. There is bowling in the neighborhood.
Cheryomushki On Churkin
In the Cheryomushki shopping center near the Opera and Ballet Theater. Cheryemukhovaya 15
Great view of the Golden Horn and the Bridge. Here you can try Singaporean dumplings from Dumpling republic and Korean snacks from Merine. There is a cinema and bowling.
Sedanka City Out of town
In the shopping complex Sedanka City. Poletaeva 6D
I recommend NEM Vietnamese cuisine and MO-MO prawns
Clover House In the center
In the shopping center of the same name. Semenovskaya 15
Small food court, good view
Shopping Center Central In the center Svetlanskaya, 29 Ossetian pies, Korean dumplings, Japanese soups, grilled meat and other interesting food

Hamburgers and other fast food

In the center there are several fast food hamburger. The main visitors are schoolchildren and students. No McDonalds in Vladivostok

Royal burger On the embankment near the wheel
Battery 3a
Burger King Center Semenovskaya 12
Svetlanskaya 56 (Lazo)
Hesburger Several points in the Center

Street food in Vladivostok

Pyan-se at the bus- stops

Stalls with pasties and various fast food


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