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What foods to try in Vladivostok - an overview of interesting food in stores

From Vladivostok are usually brought sweets Primorskie (Ptichie moloko), chocolates with salt, smoked salmon and caviar. In addition to these wonderful products, I can advise you to try other sweets of the "Primorsky" Confectioner factory, fresh seafood and seafood in ready-made salads and salads, various fish snacks, as well as Japanese, Korean and Chinese food such as beer and various snacks.

Sweets from the factory Primorsky Confectioner

Primorskie sweets (Ptichie moloko)

Souffle in chocolate. Instead of gelatin for gelation, Agar-agar obtained from seaweed is used. No Preservatives . Sweets are very popular in Vladivostok, served to the festive table and everyday, as well as a classic gift from the Soviet era.

Pay attention to the date of manufacture and shelf life - only 15 days . Fresh sweets - made a couple of days ago are much tastier, you can buy them in the shops of the Primorsky Confectioner. Keep in the refrigerator, I love them from the freezer.

Due to the short lope of storage, in other cities, sweets are not sold. If you are going to bring “Primorskie” sweets with you, buy fresh chocolates closer to the day of departure. Once again, I’ll draw your attention to the fact that expiring sweets are not tasting good.

Marmalade with agar agar

Marmalade in the form of orange slices or cubes, as well as other marmalade from the Primorsky Confectioner. Agar agar is used to form jelly. Marmalade differs in taste from ordinary marmalade. Price from 160 rub. per package 400 gr.

Chocolate with sea salt and sea kale

Chocolates taste good, and sea salt crunches on the teeth. I advise you to try and bring with you. Also, the chip of chocolates is the original design of the wrapper. Price from 85r. for chocolate 100g.

Chocolate by weight

We sometimes buy chocolate by weight, especially i like chocolate with sesame seeds. Price from 60r. for 100g.

Where to buy the freshest sweets

Prices from the manufacturer and the freshest sweets you will find in branded shops of the Primorsky Confectioner.

Salted and smoked fish

Sockeye salmon is sold by weight, cut in packaging. Cutting is more expensive. You can find it in supermarkets as well as in stores Fish Island . Try halibut sliced ​​in packages or smoked halibut by weight.

Pay attention to the alternative to sockeye salmon - another red fish of the salmon family: chum salmon, coho salmon and pink salmon . This fish is likely to cost significantly less. What is the difference? The sockeye salmon looks prettier, the meat is red and dense. The taste will greatly depend on the quality of the fish itself and on how it was prepared.Trout are also sold, but these fish are imported and expensive.

Price examples

Red caviar

Buy and bring red caviar with you. In pink salmon and chum salmon, caviar is large, in salmon and coho salmon, small. Large does not mean the most delicious. The taste depends on the quality of the fish and salting. Therefore - how lucky. The price is about 3500-4000 rub. per 1 kg. Different packaging - jars 200-500 gr.

Fresh seafood


Be sure to try the bering shrimp. Sold by weight in fish stores as well as on the sports promenade, ready to eat. Traditional beer snack. Bering shrimps are a feature of Vladivostok.

Product quality is easy to understand by smell. You need to sniff only not frozen shrimp. Fresh shrimp should smell delicious If you don't like the smell a little, don’t take it .

Frozen shrimp by weight is dangerous to buy. Since it is not known what they will be when they melt. Frozen can be safely taken in stores in company packaging.

Scallop and trumpeter, crab

Scallops are grown on scallop farms, so in fish shops you can buy the freshest product at any time of the year, not frozen. It should have an exceptionally pleasant smell. You can eat raw,with lemon juice or soy sauce. You can fry lightly. I prefer lightly fried scallops. So that the middle was crude.

Crab can be bought whole in shell, or peeled meat in packages. Crab for sale is already boiled and ready to eat, but you can still fry it.

Estimated prices

Seafood Preserves

Various seafood hodgepodge and salads

Hodgepodges is a good food and snack. Hodgepodge can always be bought at the supermarket and eat with bread as dinner. It is safe and tasty. Solyanki are very popular.

There are several manufacturers, how to choose? Take one in which there is no flavor enhancer. The price is about 50-100r depending on the composition and size. Examples of hodgepodge:

Canned Seafood

Supermarkets sell squid, scallop, scallop, cucumber, octopus, mussel, canned in transparent jars. Suitable for snacks.

Dried fish and seafood

Smelt and flounder

In supermarkets, markets and beer shops you will find a large selection of smoked and dried local fish and squid. Usually the more expensive the tastier.

Smoked and dried squid

Vladivostok has a large selection of various squid products. Smoked soft squid tentacles is a feature of Vladivostok. They are sold in many supermarkets in packages and by weight. Try the dried tentacles in the package. They can be carried with you - light and well kept. Examples of prices for 100g

Frozen fish and squid

Buy halibut or sockeye salmon or coho salmon, Chinook salmon. Ask for steak cuts or buy steaks. Defrost and simply fry in a pan. It's fast.

Squid buy frozen and peeled. The easiest way to immerse in boiling water for 10 seconds. Then pull in out into, cut into rings and mix with mayonnaise. Overcooked squid becomes tough.

Chinese and Japanese beer


Asahi Japanese rice beer in Vladivostok can be bought relatively fresh. It makes sense to buy in my opinion if the beer is no more than 2-3 months old. If beer is bitter, then You are out of luck, most likely his beer was stored incorrectly. Price from 130r. per jar 0.5


Try Harbin 3.6% light Chinese rice beer. Beer is popular in Vladivostok and in other cities, you most likely will not meet it. Look at the date of manufacture, and try to buy a relatively fresh beer (1-2 months). Price from 100r per bottle 0.5

CASS and Hite

Excellent refreshing wheat beer from South Korea. Usually sold fresh, from a production date of about 1 month. Inexpensive beer, popular in Vladivostok, costs only 60-70 rubles.

Food from Asia

Japanese Products

Miso soup - made up of soya paste and dried seaweed. Traditional japanese breakfast. Just brewed in a mug. Natural and healthy. Sold in supermarkets

Try Japanese chocolate Royce. It is sold in company stores in the shopping centers Small GUM, Cheryomushki, at Airport. Chocolate is expensive but delicious.

Korean products

Chinese food

Green tea. Sold in specialized tea shops and Chinese markets. There is a shop on Sea terminal, and Pervorechensky market

Delicious food from local produce

Where to buy in the downtown


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