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Svetlanskaya Street - sightseeing in the center of Vladivostok

Street Svetlanskaya - the central street of Vladivostok. The tourists is interested in the section from the Embankment to the Cettral Square and the first 3 stops - Center, Lazo, Polytechnic (FESTU). You can walk to visit several interesting sights and enjoy the walk along the beautiful streets and historic buildings.

Center - the square and the monument to the fighters for the power of the Soviets

Central location, within walking distance of 5-10 minutes walk Sports Harbor embankmen, Raiway and Maritime Stationand Korabelnaya Embankment Very close to several significant sights and interesting places:

  1. Monument of the Fighters for the Soviet Power - called the visiting card of the city. Located on the square. It symbolizes the overthrow of autocracy in 1917. and the liberation of Vladivostok from the Japanese invaders in 1922.
  2. Ussuri Cinema The first Vladivostok cinema of 1927, is a city relic. Beautiful renovated historic interior and modern equipment. Address Svetlanskaya, 31
  3. Big GUM The oldest store in Vladivostok. A beautiful building built of German brick in the architecture of the German modern style. Currently actively visited by tourists shopping and entertainment center. Address Svetlanskaya, 35
  4. The old court yard of GUM is a quiet place with benches, cafes, bars and souvenirs. Entrance between the Ussuri cinema and GUM
  5. Cafes and restaurants you will also find up Okeanksy prospect as well as all over Svetlanskaya street and of course in shopping centers.
  6. The food fairs take place on the central square on Friday and Saturday. For tourists at the fair of interest may be fresh seafood and fish at a good price, gifts of seaside taiga, nuts, cones, honey. Read more about what to try, buy and bring from Vladivostok
  7. Large shopping centers: Central, Golden Horn, Big GUM and small GUM with food court.
  8. There are several bus stops near the central square. From here you can get anywhere without transfers. Read more about transport of Vladivostok
  9. The nearest big grocery store Fresh 25 on Semenovskaya Square in Clever House mall Semenovskaya, 15

Svetlanskaya Street from Embankment to the Central Square

  1. Arsenyev Museum is a modernly equipped museum of local lore, beautifully decorated halls and interesting exhibitions. A great way to get acquainted with the history of Primorsky Krai and Vladivostok Official site Address Svetlanskaya, 20 Open daily 10: 00–19: 00
  2. The Navy Department Store Large selection of military T-shirts (Russian Navy Telnyashka) and other marine clothing, as well as knives, binoculars, military paraphernalia and souvenirs. I recommend a shop to buy useful gifts.
  3. Address Svetlanskaya, 18 Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10: 00–19: 00; Sat, Sun 10: 00–18: 00
  4. Several cafes and restaurants of various price levels and cuisines. I recommend an inexpensive historic dining room "Do not cry" in the beautiful hotel Versailles Read more about food in Vladivotok
  5. Access to The sports harbor embankment. With Yards of Millioka distict, you can quickly walk to Fokina Pedestrian Street (Arbat) or to the other side on a short path to the Posyetskaya district with hotels and Raiway and Maritime Station

Lazo district - what to see around

  1. Primorstiy Drama Gorky Theater . A poster and schedule of performances is on the official website . Address Svetlanskaya, 49 Phone: 222-01-36
  2. In the Theater Square there is a musical monument to Vladimir Vysotsky . The singing monument was erected in honor of Vysotsky’s visit to Vladivostok in 1971. Nice to relax on the benches and listen to the songs. Indicative address Svetlanskaya, 49
  3. Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God . A small beautiful church. Standing at the site of the first Assumption Church in Vladivostok and the Assumption Cathedral destroyed during the Soviet era. An interesting history and schedule of worship services at the official website of the temple
  4. There is a kind of observation platform overlooking the Golden Horn Bay under the Golden Bridge.
  5. Between the Center and Lazo from the sea, you will find the Admiral Square and the descent to The Korabelnaya Embankment and the submarine C-56, you can pass through the Triumphal Arch.
  6. Along the pedestrian uphill along the Gorky Theater, you can walk to Sukhanova Street.
  7. The descent to The Crown Prince Embankment is if you walk a little towards the next stop

Attractions in the area of ​​the Polytechnic Institute bus-stop

  1. Lower cable car station for lifting to the Eagle Nest Viewpoint
  2. Museum of the Pacific Fleet (part in a free view under the open sky) Address Svetlanskaya, 66
  3. Nevelsky Square with benches and lights and descent to The Crown Prince Embankment
  4. Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Paul . A piece of German culture in Vladivostok and a Gothic architectural landmark. Organ concerts are held. Address of the church Pushkinskaya, 14. History of the German Church in Vladivostok
  5. Pushkin Theater is a snow-white beautiful historical building in the style of old Vladivostok. Built in 1908. Before the revolution, the theater was the largest cultural center of the city. Pushkinskaya, 27 Phone 222-98-50.
  6. Near the bus stop there is the popular fast-food restaurant Republic, as well as stalls with street food and pastries. There is a small grocery store. Learn more about food in Vladivostok
  7. 350 meters away from the center (closer to the next stop, Dalzavod) is located the modern Vladivostok Circus , which was renovated in 2017. You can buy tickets online at the official website Address Svetlanskaya, 103


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