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Russky Island in Vladivostok - sights and places to relax

Now you can safely come to Russky Island by city bus on the Russian Bridge. The island has several good sights : the FEFU campus with a promenade, the Primorsky Oceanarium, the Novik recreation center, beaches and the remains of numerous   fortifications of the Vladivostok military fortress.

FEFU University Campus

In 2012, a forum of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC Summit) was held in Vladivostok. A meeting of representatives of 21 countries took place on Russky Island in the new campus of the Far Eastern Federal University built for this event.  The modern campus soon turned into a tourist attraction and a popular holiday destination, thanks to a well-equipped promenade with a park and excellent infrastructure.

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Primorskiy Aquarium - the main attraction of the island

The new beautiful Seaside Aquarium is very popular among residents of Vladivostok and tourists. Be sure to leave time for a walk along the promenade near the aquarium.

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Military fortress Vladivostok

Be sure to visit the museum Voroshilov Battery and the restored Novosiltsev Battery with breathtaking sea views. You will touch the Vladivostok Fortress and be surprised at military technology and the beginning of the last century.  100 years ago Vladivostok was one of the most technologically advanced and impregnable military fortresses in the world. The island has left a large number of abandoned military units and destroyed barracks, reminiscent of the history and military past of the island.

Russky Island Beaches

Examples of landscaped beaches with garbage collection. I like to come to the beach before dinner: there are no traffic jams, few people and it’s not hot.

On wild beaches with easy access, often a lot of trash. Some interesting beaches need a long drive on a bad road.

Cape of Tobisin

After the construction of the bridge, this is the island’s most popular natural landmark. Easy to reach by car. Easy to stroll and enjoy the wonderful sea views. There are usually a lot of people on the weekend, plan a trip in the morning.

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Sports on the island: bicycle, kayak, SUP


Russky is great for mountain biking on numerous dirt roads and forest paths. Competitions are often held. You can easily take a bike to FEFU rental and go for a drive. Examples of cycling routes from FEFU:

  1. Drive along the FEFU campus itself : along the promenade, park, roads. For the first time, the best option. Other routes for experienced
  2. to the Novosiltsevskaya battery for the primer
  3. to Novik Recreation Center along the path, then along the path along the sea.
  4. to Cape Tobizin , along the road then along forest paths

Marine entertainment

If you like light outdoor sports you can take a kayak in the Novik sports base Hire costs 500 rubles per hour. Phone: +7 (423) 200-35-22

Also SUP riding are popular (standing on a board with a paddle). SUP lovers gather in various beautiful places, in calm weather. You can rent a board, approximately 1500 rub. and ride with a group and instructor. You need to arrange in advance by phone. All this can be done without preparation.

Where to stay - hotels on the island Russky

To stay on island Russky - it seems to me an interesting idea. You can, for example, spend several days here, and the rest of the time in the city center. You will save time on transport and calmly walk to interesting places

Asphalt road "Universitetskiy prospekt" runs only along a small part of the island, so there are only 3 hotels on Russky with normal transport accessibility.

Hotel FEFU

Modern hotel FEFU. Located on campus - campus of the Far Eastern Federal University. Good infrastructure: there is a promenade, a beach, cafes, canteens, a shop, a sports complex and a bike rental. Everything is in the public domain. For trips to the city center you can use a bus (40 minutes) or a taxi. To the bus stop 10-15 minutes on foot.

The price for a double room is from 4800 rubles. Detailed Description and feedback on

Novik Country Club

Recreation center combined with the sports center "Center for rowing sports Russky Island" On the territory there is a mini promenade and an excellent path for walks along the sea. You can rent a kayak at a sports base. I like the interesting restaurant with tables by the water on the pier. Sometimes we come here for a walk, go to the cafe on the pier for a cup of tea.

There is a dirt road to the recreation center. The bus stop or the FEFU Campus is about 2 km or 30 minutes on foot. For trips to the city or the island it is better to use a taxi.

Price from 6 000 rub for a 2-bed room. Detailed description and reviews on

Hotel Russky Renaissance

There is a small private sandy beach, there is a sea restaurant. We sometimes come to this base on the beach.

To the bus stop 2.3 km of dirt road. For travel, it is better to use taxi. Price for 2-bed room 3600-4500r Detailed information on

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How to get to Russky and transport on the island itself.

In 2012, they completed the construction and launched a cable-stayed bridge to the island (Russky Bridge), as well as paved part of the ring road around the island - University Avenue. Major tourist attractions are located around this road.

How to get to Russky Island by bus

By car and taxi

From the center without traffic jams you will reach in 30 minutes. The cost of a taxi from the center to the objects of the island is about 500-600 p. When call a taxi, just name the object you are interested in, for example, the Primorsky Aquarium on Russky Island.

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Key landmarks on the island’s road

So, you drove along the Russian bridge, and here you are on the island

  1. Immediately after the bridge, you arrive at the ring . The adjacent road is unfinished and fenced in blocks. From here it is close on foot to the Novosiltsevskaya battery
  2. Next will be a gas station with a shop and a small parking lot - a traditional meeting place on the island.
  3. The next landmark is Power station North . Important landmark. Here begins the entrances to the FEFU campus.   Nearby there is a large parking on the ground.
  4. Before reaching the Power station North there is a lapel and a road to the Canal village . If you turn, there will immediately be a turn to Truda Bay - a cemetery of warships and a favorite place for travel on the sea on SUP’s. On the other side - the exit to the Pospelovo village , you can reach the Novosiltsevskaya battery by car.
  5. Next, the road goes along the University’s campus , we pass the Central entrance to the campus and medical center, the Ministry of Emergencies, a little more and here is a turn on Primorsky Oceanarium
  6. When you reach the end of the asphalt, you will see a U-turn area and dirt road . From here it’s close to the Voroshilov battery and Mayak Tobizina


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