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Knevichi airport and how to get to it from Vladivostok

Vladivostok Knevichi Airport, where planes arrive from Moscow and other domestic and intercity flights, is located in the city of Artem, or rather the village of Knevichi, 50 km from Vladivostok. All domestic and international flights are served in the new terminal A . Old terminal B no longer works.

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Airport Hotels

Hotel in the Airport "Visti Stay"

The hotel is located in the airport building, very convenient for connecting flights. There are various accommodation options, from a place in a dormitory room to a privite double room. Estimated prices

Photos and reviews of the hotel, see on the

Near the airport, within 3 km., there are several hotels of different price categories, which can be reached by taxi, bus, or transfer from the hotel. There are no hotels within walking distance.

  1. Avia Hotel, price from 2800 rub. for 2 bed room 40m2. You can quickly get on the bus number 7 or taxi
  2. Hotel Venice, price of the hotel from 4900 for a double room
  3. Cedar house, Price from 11500 for a double room with breakfast and transfer

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How to get Knevichi Airport

Aeroexpress - train to the airport without traffic jams

Express Primorye ( Official site ) is located next to railway and maritime station. Time to Knevichi Airport 55 Minutes . Tickets can be bought upon boarding the train, as well in the train itself Price 270 rubles ., can be paid by card. By Aeroexpress you can also comfortably to the city of Artem.

Schedule from Vladivostok:

Vladivostok - Airport 7:10 - 8:04 9:02 - 9:56 11:51 - 12:45 16:20 - 17:14 18:00 - 18:54

Airport - Vladivostok:

Airport - Vladivostok 7:42 - 8:368:30 - 9:25 10:40 - 11:34 13:25 - 14:19 17:45 - 18:39

Airport Bus from the train station

An alternative transport to the airport is bus №107, from Railway Station. Travel time is 1-1.5 hours. During rush hours, travel time from Vladivostok can be 2-3 hours.

Airport Departure Schedule : 06:50, 08:10, 08:30, 09:00, 09:30, 10:00, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00

Phone of the dispatch service: +7 (966) 277-20-60

Taxi or car

By car from the city center to the airport, go 40-60 minutes and 50 km. You will pass along the new low-water bridge. But there may be traffic jams in the city during rush hours and summer suburban traffic jams. The official airport taxi Primavtoline . Phone: 8 (423) 244-44-44 approximate prices:

Kiwitaxi Transfer

The international company Kiwitaxi now provides its service in Vladivostok. You can order a transfer in advance on the website, you will be met with a sign in the arrivals area. The cost of such transfer is 1500 rubles. It is more expensive than a private taxi on site. You can order a trip to other cities, such as Ussuriisk or Nakhodka. Link to Kiwitaxi transfer from Knevichy airport to Vladivostok

Parking at the Airport

Near the terminal there is parking for boarding passengers. Cost - the first 15 minutes for free, the next 15 minutes 150 rubles. Next 150 p. in 30 minutes. Payment through an automatic terminal. 24 hour parking is located to the right of the parking lot. Cost:

Inexpensive parking near the old airport

In the old terminal B there is an inexpensive parking lot for 120 rubles per day. A transfer service is provided for 100 r. one way.

Learn more about transport to the airport and how to get to other cities on the official website of the airport

Car rental at Knevichi airport

At the airport there is a representative office of the local rental company Renta Vostok. +7 984 152-07-18 , Official website

Examples of car rental prices

Avis and YODO (Rent Motors)

Also at the Vladivostok airport there are counters of the international distributor Avis and a large Russian network Rent Motors, brand name YODO

Prices are also $30-50 per day. The cars are new, if you take it for 7-10 days the price is lower, if it is 2-3 days higher. Also pay attention to offers with limited mileage, for example 250 km. per day and for options with a manual transmission. They are cheaper. The franchise is usually $150.

It is convenient to use the system for booking Rentalcars

Food at the airport - where and what to eat

Lucky Food Court in the waiting room

The first food court in Vladivostok is operating at the airport. In fact, the food court is small - these are 3 stalls with a common area of ​​tables: Pizzeria, noodle, shawarma-kebab.

Canteen Polet ("Flight")

There is a door in the left opposite corner of the airport entrance. To find the dining room, follow the signs. Opening hours from 8 to 20

Coffee Shops

In the waiting room there are Coffe city chain coffee shops and Michel's Bakery. There is also a coffee shop in the departure area. Price examples:

Restaurant Submarine

In the departure area there is a restaurant with a marine theme. Price examples:

Drinks and snacks from the vending machine

Budget food is chocolates and coffee from a vending machine. Coffee costs 60 rubles. little snickers 45r. Little Cola 85 rubles.

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What you can buy at the airport as a gift

Fish and seafood

There is a fish store at the airport Fish Island , open from 06:00 to 22:00. Price examples:

Chocolates and sweets Primorsky confectioner

There is a company store at the Airport from the Primorsk Confectioner factory , where you can buy fresh sweets, sweets Primorskie and other goodies . Opening hours 07:00 - until 22:00. Price examples:

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At the airport you can buy interesting souvenirs with a nautical theme, price examples:

Japanese products

In the departure lounge there is a Japanese goods store. Try soap for 200 rub., Shampoo for 1000 rub. Mascara (600-1000 rub.) Or chewing gum made in Japan.

Airport Services and Prices


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