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Shamora beach and Lazurnaya bay in Vladivostok

Lazurnaya Bay is located on the shore of the Ussuri Bay, 25 kilometers from the center of Vladivostok. The more popular historical name of this place is Shampora. Everyone in Vladivostok knows this word

Sandy Shamora beach

The most popular beach around Vladivosok, a long and wide sand spit, you can swim. In the hot season from mid July to mid September there are traffic jams and a lot of people on the beach. It can be very hot during the day. I like to come to Shamora in the morning at 10 o’clock or in the evening at 7 pm. No traffic jams, not many people and not hot.

The sandy beach is wide and long, great for swimming. Entering shallow water, the bottom is sandy. Usually there are small waves that do not interfere with swimming. The length of the beach is about 2 km, the bay is divided by small streams into 3 parts.

Conditionally distinguish 3 beaches:

  1. First Beach - from the central entrance to the first stream and bridge. The most civilized section of Shamora. Near the entrance there is a small illuminated promenade and supermarket, a mini market, restaurants Cruise and Flying Fish. As well as several recreation centers.
  2. On the second beach , the sand and water are the same. Pedestrian street is surrounded by barbecue on both sides.
  3. Third Beach - after the second stream at the very end of the bay. Several recreation centers are located.

Cafes and Restaurants

Barbecue street

Small barbecue houses gradually grew into cafe-restaurants and formed an entire street about 2 km long. Many locals have a favorite barbecue, where they stop by on the way to eat or buy fresh cakes. Almost all cafes are Armenian cuisine: kebabs, huts, flat cakes, etc. I like flat cakes or huchin with tea. You can highlight the beautiful cafe of Armenian cuisine “At the Grachik” with a fountain and gazebos.


There are several restaurants overlooking the sea in Shamora:

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Where to stay - hotels and resorts on Shamora

Summer houses on the beach

Most recreation centers are small summer houses. There are several places to stay in hotel type rooms. When searching for housing remotely pay attention to where the house is located, on the beach of Shamora (Lazurnaya Bay) or in other bays in the neighborhood. Keep in mind that Shamora beach is a noisy and crowded place. If you are only interested in the sea, then you do not have to live on this beach. To rent a house usually costs from 3000r. per day depending on the size.

To search for accommodation options, use the catalog of recreation centers on with reviews and photos. Almost all camp sites are present in this catalog.

Ski center Kometa

A great option for a relaxing stay in a well-maintained and beautiful recreation center, which is a whole park. It is a ski base, so low price in summer. To Shamora beach 3 km (150 rubles by taxi), you can walk on foot for half an hour. At the base for guests there are places for picnics, as well as playgrounds.

2 options are available for booking through

Recreation center Rublino

Well-maintained recreation center 15 minutes walk from the beach. There is a cafe, restaurant, pool, sauna, picnic areas, playgrounds and rental. Price from 5 000 rub. per room Hotel Ryblino available at

Guest house Aliona

Located on the first beach. There are hotel rooms and rooms in wooden buildings. Room rates from 4000r. There is a cafe on the territory of the recreation center. There is parking. Hotel Aliona is available at

Tourist complex Mayak

VIP Holiday Village Mayak with beautiful grounds and a private beach. Entertainment for children and adults. Rooms are reserved much in advance. The base is located far from Shamora itself

Read more in my review Where to stay in Vladivostok - tips for choosing and booking hotels and apartments

How to get to Shamora

By bus

You can get from the center by bus from Semenovskaya Square, №28 and №28d (Emar), depart every hour. During in the hot season (July - August) It’s better not to drive to Shamora at time from 11 am to 4 pm - large traffic jams. You can try it early in the morning.

By train and bus

Alternatively, you can get to Okeanskaya station on by train from Vladivostok Train Station (trains run every 30 minutes, 35 minutes on the way) Further by bus №28k (every hour) or by taxi 13 km 300-350r.

By taxi and by car

From the center of Vladivostok, go 40 minutes. In the swimming season in good weather, leave no later than 11 am. Further traffic jams. The cost of a taxi from Vladivostok to Shamora is 500-600 rubles. address Lazurnaya, 19 (30km)  You can park on a car for free on the side of the road or on the pay parkings for 150-200 rubles.

Where next and what's next

There are no Interesting places nearby for which you can visit at the same time If the Shamory beach upsets you for any reason, you can take a taxi to the beach at the Sanatorium (Lazo Recreation Park) 20 km. There is not far the Botanical Garden. For a relaxing picnic in a landscaped area, the Kometa recreation center is suitable (3 km by car). You can also spend the night at the Country Hotel


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