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Where to live in Vladivostok - tips for traveler

Seasonal Impact on Housing Costs

All tourist accommodation in Vladivostok has one important feature - high seasonality. Hot swimming season - from early July to mid-September. This seems like madness, but the price of some hotels is 3 times higher than the standard price.  And everything is booked. Chinese tourists create unlimited demand and the price becomes absolutely inadequate by world standards!  Some hotels generally cannot be booked in advance for the summer.

If it’s not important for you to swim in the sea, it is better to choose to visit, May, June or the second half of September and October.

If there are no free rooms

Consider small and maybe non-standard private hotels. Small hotels rarely work with tourist groups, due to natural demand, the price will most likely be adequate and, most importantly, there may be free rooms. The distance from the center can be offset by cheap taxis. And for you this will not be an inconvenience. Also pay attention to hostels, usually hostels have private rooms with a shared kitchen and showers.

Hotels in Vladivostok

A standard hotel in the center is a simple solution, especially since the choice is not very large The average price is 4500 rubles. per room in LOW SEASON. For example, popular hotel Azimut. In the summer from June to August, the price is up to 3 times. It is necessary to book much in advance, for example, in winter. May, June, September - prices can be increased by 50%

There are budget options from 3000-3500 rubles. per room, for example, budget hotels Moryak and Amursky zaliv

Private room in a mini-hotel not in the center - an inexpensive solution

Lower threshold 2000 rub. for a completely separate room with the least possible interior. Most likely it will be a mini-hotel - an application for a restaurant, car service, sauna or some other invention. Or vice versa, a dormitory building. But it will be a working guaranteed relatively inexpensive hotel. And in all this there is nothing to worry about, since a standard room costs 2 times more expensive. An example is the hotel Elegy, excellent for car travelers.

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Hostels and guest houses

The problem of a strong excess of demand over offers is partially solved by many guest houses. When I did this review, I was surprised and glad that in our city there are many cool places for the traveler.

There are hostels with an interesting design, for example Izba and a wonderful sea view, for example Lighthouse The price for a bed is usually 500-700r . A separate room with a shared toilet and shower usually costs 2000-2500r.

I have compiled a complete list of popular hostels with photos, prices and contacts.

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Apartment for rent

Almost always, daily rent of a serviced apartment or room will be cheaper than a hotel room. The difference is especially noticeable if you are 3 people or more. In my travels over the past few years, I almost always choose apartments - it's cheaper than a hotel and has a kitchen.

Last 2-3 years at and AirBNB there were many offers for renting apartments for tourists in Vladivostok.

Price from 2000r per day for an apartment close to the center. The upper threshold is about 10,000 for luxury apartments in the center with a good view. The usual price for an apartment in the center is 3500-4000 per day .

Feature of apartments in Vladivostok - there are options with a dizzying view from the window. For example Vladivostok Apartments Cascade  There are also options right on the seashore, for example Ocean view apartment

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How to book

In my travels I seek and book accommodation through and AirBNB . I read reviews, choose what suits for the money.

If we travel by car, it’s always suburban accommodation, if with a child it’s necessarily a center, as we return home for lunch, if without a child it doesn’t matter where, the main price is.

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AirBnb – renting apartments from owners

Daily rent of an apartment or room will almost always be a less expensive choice than hotel room. The difference is especially noticeable if there are 3 of you or even more. The apartment will almost always have a kitchen, which will make it cheaper to travel. For example, we make breakfast ourselves because it’s easier and faster.

Please note that you can rent an accommodation in whole, for example, an apartment or villa, or a room in an apartment or house, which is usually will not cost as much money as a hotel in the long run. There may be interesting non-standard options. For example, I remember spending time in an excellent cabin of an active ship in the Netherlands.


AirBNB mediates the transfer of money to the owner. You pay for accommodation on the website, and the owner of the apartment receives payment after you move out. There is a feedback system, and the owners value their reputation.


How to book

Detailed information on how everything works can be found on the official Airbnb website.

Special offer! Currently, you will be awarded $30.00 USD after registration as a bonus for booking accommodations.

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