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Hotels in Vladivostok - overview of prices and features

Features of hotels in Vladivostok

Hot season. A feature of Vladivostok hotels is a strong dependence of the price and availability of rooms on the season. Summer, especially July and August, is a hot swimming season. Popular hotels raise prices 2-3 times. And all the rooms are bought up. Therefore, if you want to find something reasonable, book in advance.

Chinese tourists The RMB exchange rate is high against the ruble and for Chinese tourists in Vladivostok everything is very cheap. They are not very worried about the high prices of hotels. Get ready for fun and noisy neighbors.

Non-standard hotels Business owners, trying to earn extra money, adjust the upper floors of shops and saunas, car washes and car services for tourist housing, make apart-hotels from apartments. The price of such accommodation will be below the standard, and reviews are usually good.

Standard hotels in the downtown

Hotels in Vladivostok are concentrated in the city center, within walking distance from the railway station and the maritime station. All of them have one obvious advantage - perfect location.

After leaving the Aeroexpress, you will calmly reach the hotel in 5-10 minutes. Leaving the hotel you are immediately among the attractions. Walking distance to the promenade , cafes and restaurants to any taste, a supermarket, several bus stops. After dinner or evening walk, you will calmly reach the hotel in 5-10 minutes.

Most of the major hotels are located in the railway station area. In the area of ​​Millionka, poorly suitable for permanent residence, there are a lot of mini hotels and hostels

Price (Hight season - Low season)
Pros Cons Address and telephone
Large budget hotel Amur Bay, ranks second in terms of number of rooms
Sea view + balcony !, good breakfast, low price, room 18m2 unusual building Not modern rooms, shabby furniture, the facade of the building needs repair Naberezhnaya, 10
8 800 200 00 48
Azimut, the largest hotel in Vladivostok. For many companies - a standard hotel for business trips. Stated 4 stars.
Modern clean rooms, good soundproofing, sea view, friendly staff, good breakfasts In the hot season, room rates increase 3 times. Toothpaste and brush, slippers are available on request. Location on a hill. Naberezhnaya, 10
8 800 200 00 48
Hotel Primorye Usually for business trips.
Close to the railway station and train to the airport. Poor soundproofing of the room, no air conditioning, poorly controlled smoking in the rooms, simple breakfast. In the hot season, rooms are long sold out. Posietskaya, 20
Budget hotel Moryak
Friendly helpful staff No elevator, poor insulation, no air conditioning Posietskaya, 38
+7(423) 2499-499
Fresh repairs, new furniture, cleanliness No toothpaste and slippers, monotonous breakfasts Bestuzheva, 29
+7 (423) 230-23-58
Hotel Versailles for history buffs
The very center. Beautiful historic building - architectural monument High price, sometimes need redecoration Svetlanskaya, 10
+7 (423) 226-42-01
Apart-hotel Arbat , modern rooms with a small kitchen
Excellent location on the waterfront, you can cook in the kitchen. Popular hotel. Fully booked at high season. Pogranichnaya, 4
+7 (908) 992-33-11
You get a two-room number 36m2 with a fresh repair. Out of competition. There are no rooms available in the summer during the hot season Naberezhnaya, 20
+7 (423) 241-12-54
Lotte (formerly Hyundai) The only five-star hotel in Vladivostok from South Korea.
Big rooms. Fitness center with pool and sauna, interesting restaurants of Korean cuisine High price Semenovskaya, 29
+7 (423) 240-72-01

Small hotels and mini-hotels in the center

Sibirskoe podvorie Popular hotel in the Downtown
Spacious rooms, air conditioning, kettle and other necessary items Weak soundproofing, it can be cold in the room in winter, heating needs to be regulated. Okeansky prospekt, 26a
+7 (423) 222-52-66
Vladpoint New mini hotel near the railway station in the business center
Modern clean rooms, air conditioning, good views. Posietskaya, 14, 5 floor
+7 (423) 239 07 97
Teplo A small hotel near the railway station. There is a shared kitchen. There are rooms without a window and without their toilet (shower only), they are cheaper, pay attention when booking
price from 4000r
Air conditioning, shared kitchen with coffee machine Small rooms 12-14m2, poor soundproofing. Posietskaya, 16
8 800 500-07-51
Butik - hotel One Sea
New big numbers Located on a hill, it can be difficult to find 1 Morskaya, 12
+7(902) 505-34-34

Cheap hotels in the center

Karmen Inexpensive, interesting hotel. There are budget rooms with a shared bathroom and toilet for 3 rooms, pay attention when booking private toilet or shared. (shared is much cheaper)
Center, spacious rooms, low price No lift Okeanskiy prospekt, 15a 2 and 4 floor
+7 (423) 200-91-00
Filin i Sova Mini Hotel + Hostel. Please note there are budget rooms with shared bathroom facilities.
Location, low price, there is a shared kitchen Steep spiral staircase. The bathroom may be uncomfortable Svetlanskaya 5a
+7 (908) 454-84-88
Marine-Wave Basic hotel organized on the principle of nothing unnecessary. Located in an office building.
from 2200 for double room
New building, view from the window, the very center, price Office interior, no air conditioning Tigrovaya, 30, 9 floor
+7 (904) 629-53-53
Fontanka Hotel and hostel in Millionka district.
от 2000
Central location, inexpensive No elevator, no air conditioning Fontannaya, 17
+7 (967) 958-54-64
Room with own bathroom and toilet from 2000 with breakfast
Mini hotel in the center of a travel company. Mordovceva, 8
+7 (423) 240-81-16

Examples of hotels out of city center

For a traveler, off-center booking sometimes also benefits. Some advantages and solutions:

Hotel Astoriya
Modern interior, good restaurant in the hotel In the hot season, the price is 2 times higher. Partizanskiy prospekt, 44 building 6
+7 (423) 230-20-44
Akfes seyo Not far from the bus station and the Aeroexpress stop
От 4000
Large rooms, good seafood breakfasts Cosmetic repairs need, you can not book in the hot season. prospekt 100 letiya vladivostoka, 103
+7 (423) 2-319-000
Meridian In the Churkina area, not far from the Opera and Ballet Theater
4100 for a double room
View from the window. Good breakfast. Price does not increase in summer Small rooms Ochakovskaya, 5
8 800 500-18-76
Gavan Hotel and sports complex in the Egerscheld district near the seaport.
Modern rooms with balconies, helpful staff, 25m sports pool, a sauna Traffic jams towards the center on weekdays during rush hours Krygina, 3
8 800 250 53 63
Korona Renovated Hotel in the Egerscheld District
От 2500
Large freshly renovated rooms, helpful staff In the hot season, the hotel is occupied by tourists from China. Verhneportovaya, 68b
+7 (423) 251 0303
Avanta Hotel of the student city of VSUES
Good restaurant, nearby there is a sports complex with a pool Located on the hill Gogolya, 41
+7 (423) 22121-21
Graal Inexpensive mini-hotel, simple furnishings.
Large rooms with kitchenette, view, balcony Located on the hill, it is difficult to find the first time, housekeeping on request Manchzhurskaya, 2
+7 (423) 272-63-08
Large rooms, kitchenette, view, balcony Located on the hill ZHarikovskaya ulica, 37
+7 (423) 222 96-21
Mini-hotel Busse
Large rooms from 40m2, modern large kitchen in the general access, many rooms with balconies and views Located on the hill ZHarikovskaya ulica, 19
+7 (423) 200-53-06

Budget hotels out in the center

from 2000р per room with private bathroom.
Hotel in a building of a former factory in an industrial area. Near a large budget supermarket. 10 minutes walk to a major bus stop. Not far from the Russky island. Geroev-Tihookeancev, 5a
+7 (423) 294-81-44
Hotel and sauna Na Kalinina
from 2200-3500 for double room.
Good location on Churkin district. Nearby there is a bus stop with direct buses to the center and to Russky Island. Near a supermarket. 2 bus stops to the shopping center Cheryomushki. 1 stop to the Opera and Ballet Theater. Kalinina, 279b
+7 (423) 230-09-57
Boyard Inn
The hotel is combined with a car wash, a remote area "Borisenko", low price. Easy by taxi. CHukotskaya, 6a
+7 (423) 297-77-87
Mini hotel Artsyn
1500 per room with shared bathroom
Hotel combined with a car service. Near supermarket and bus stops Borisenko, 14d
+7 (902) 483 52-93


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