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FEFU campus on the Russian island in Vladivostok

The Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) was created in 2012 by combining 4 large universities of the Primorsky Territory under a new "brand". In 2013, the university was transferred to the campus built for the APEC summit in 2012 on Russian island. A bridge was built to the island.

The campus has educational and sports buildings, hostels - hotels, sports fields, a park, promenade, cafes and canteens. As well as other infrastructure facilities providing the life of students and teachers on the island. The new FEFU campus has become a popular place for healthy recreation for residents and guests of Vladivostok and a real attraction. Many university facilities are freely available.

Embankment, beach and park

FEFU embankment about a kilometer long is suitable for walking at any time of the year, as well as for cycling, rollerblading, skateboards and popular hi-scooters. The beach is sandy, the water is clean - you can swim and sunbathe. It’s easy to get to the embankment - from any entrance to FEFU go down to the sea, about 15 minutes

It is pleasant to walk not only along the promenade, but also along the paths of a real park in the shade. The park is decorated with bridges, lakes, a fountain and a waterfall. In front of the main building there is a large round platform with flowers and a Christmas tree.

Bicycle, roller and skate rental

Near the embankment there are bicycle rentals "Sam sebe velosiped" and Tandem

You need a document to register. No deposit required. You can ride a bicycle on the campus itself - the promenade, the park, roads and ride along the island’s bicycle routes. There are also gyro scooters and rollers

Sports fields and sports complex

Free access to street sports equipment - horizontal bars, bars, etc. Also, everyone can visit the pool , fitness room and other sections in sports buildings. The FEFU campus has 3 sports buildings with pools. S, S1, S2. Specify operating modes of pools by phones.

A single visit to the pool and gym costs 250 rubles. Subscriptions and trainings are provided. Tennis courts and other sports fields are available for rent. Price 300 rub. per person per hour.

Phones of the FEFU sports complex: +7 (924) 241-96-67 , +7 (914) 328-67-79

How to pay for the services of a sports complex

You need to pay for FEFU services at any Sberbank payment terminal , including on the campus itself. Sberbank ATM is in almost every building. In the payment terminal of Sberbank you need to select Payments - Education - Universities - FEFU Vladivostok - Sports complex The check will be a pass to the sports building (show at the entrance).

Cafes, diners and shops

"Island" food outlets which are self-service dining rooms + cafes with drinks and pastries are available for guests of the campus. You can have lunch for about 300 rubles . Working hours: аrom 8 to 22

There are 3 cafes in different parts of the capmus, in buildings 3, 5, 7.2. Сlosest to the promenade is the cafe in the building №3. It is across the street from the stadium.

In buildings 8 and 9 there are small supermarkets 8-24. Standard products are sold: milk, meat, eggs, bread, sweets, etc. Opening hours of shops from 8 to 23 hours

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FEFU Hotel

You can stay in a modern hotel complex of the University. At your service there will be an excellent campus infrastructure, beaches and sights of Russky Island within a 10-minute drive. The hotel for guests is the second hotel building, opposite the stadium. The distance from the bus stop is 400m., promenade - 600m., cafe - 200m. More about the FEFU hotel

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FEFU Medical Center

Medical and diagnostic centers for various profiles. The clinic specializes in providing high-tech medical care.  There is a hospital and a center for restorative medicine and rehabilitation with a hotel.

The call center of the medical center is open on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00 Phone 8 (423) 223-00-00 , the official page on the FEFU website

How to get to FEFU, parking and movement inside

First you need to get to "Russiy" island by bus, taxi or car. Then get off near one of the entrances to the Campus.  And walk inside. Driving to the campus is not allowed. Near each entrance there is a parking on the ground or on the side of the road.

5 campus entrances - 5 bus stops

  1. Power station Central - Entance 1 . Check-in at the FEFU free guest parking (working hours from 10.00 to 20.00), vacant places quickly end and a queue forms) Nearby there is a large free spontaneous parking on the dump ground. Car travelers usually stop here. To the promenade 1 km, it is 15 minutes on foot. There will be a cafe along the way.
  2. Helipad If you want to eat, go out here. Closest to the cafe Island in building 7.2, 200m from the stop.
  3. Ajax stop is closest to the sports buildings (200m.) and the supermarket
  4. FEFU campus - the main entrance. You cannot enter outside to the central building A. You shold go around it on the left and go down a wide staircase through a round square with flowers and a park on the promenade (1 km). You will likely pass by bike rental.
  5. FEFU (South Gate) for those who like to go from afar. The closest is a supermarket in the 8th building. Nearby there is a large parking on the ground.

Guest parking

Guest parking is available for visitors near the first entrance (Entrance №1, Check-in opposite to the thermal power station ). You need to drive a bit to break the dividing strip and turn around. You will see checkpoint number 1 with security. Say that you are on guest parking, they will let you in and show you the way. Entrance from 10.00 to 20.00 is allowed. You can’t drive around campus, only to the parking lot.

If there are no free spaces in the covered parking lot, you can drive 100 meters further (towards the city) and park on roadside

Free campus buses

You can travel around the campus with free shuttle buses. Buses run in a circular pattern with an interval of 6 minutes, connecting the northern and southern areas.

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Contact Information

Where to go next

All of the island’s popular tourist sites are nearby around the paved part of the road. By bus (then on foot) in 15-30 minutes you can reach the Novosiltsevskaya and Voroshilovskaya Batteries, Primorsky aquarium and the beaches. If you have to go to the city, then on the way in front of the Golden Bridge will be Opera and Ballet Theater with a viewing platform, you can go out and go to the view to see and go further.

Recreation center Novik

You can visit Novik Bay and the tourist sports recreation center of the same name Novik country club with hotel , restaurants, promenade and kayak rental.

You can walk through the forest along the path. About 20 minutes from the main entrance to FEFU through the Medical Center or from the previous Ajax stop through the laboratory building. Distance 1.5 km


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