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Hostels in Vladivostok and guest houses

Features of Vladivostok hostels

One of the alternatives to a private hotel room is a budget bed-and-breakfast in a hostel. Bunk beds, shared - toilet, shower room and shared kitchen with lounge. Pay attention to the kitchen, you can safely cook yourself something to eat in the evening. Almost always there is a washing machine in the public domain.

Usually the silence in the host at night is strictly controlled by the administration. But in the common room it can’t be perfectly quiet, so if you sleep lightly, you can buy earplugs at the pharmacy in advance.

There is one significant drawback. Popular hostels are often booked for the hot season in advance and there are no places. In normal season there are no problems.

Private hostel room

Almost all hostels offer a budget alternative to a hotel room - a separate room, with a shared shower and toilet. Such accommodation is usually much cheaper in rooms in a standard hotel. In the hot season, when prices are inadequate, such a solution may be the way out for those who still want privacy and relaxation at the end of the day. Please note that the room is small, but there is a common living room - kitchen.

Hostels in the center with an interesting design

Izba A popular hostel near the bus interchange - Semenovskaya Square Bed from 700
Room from 3000
Mordovceva, 3
+7 (423) 290-85-08
Gallery and More guest house in the area of Millionka Bed from 700
Room from 2500
Fokina 4b
+7 (924) 738 67 90
Hostel Mayak hostel close to the center at the beginning of cape Egersheld, near the sea Bed from 550 Stanyukovicha 48/9
+7 (914) 337-03-43

Capsule hotels in Vladivostok

Glubina Modern hostel, capsule system, city center, new office building. Bed 500
Room 1200
Uborevicha, 5a
+7 (914) 734-01-04
Capsule hotel Zodiac single capsule 1000
twin capsule 1800
Tigrovaya, 30
+7 (902) 524-11-06

Hostels in the railway station area

Optimum A popular hostel on the 2nd floor of the famous Gray Horse building. Super central location Bed from 550
Room from 1700
Aleutskaya, 17
+7 (423) 272-91-11
Abordazh Hostel near the railway station from 500 for bed
from 1600 for room
Trudovaya, 13
+7 (914) 702-13-23
Pirs Bed from 500
Room from 2300
Ryleeva, 8
+7 (914) 703-35-53

Hostels in various places in the center of Vladivovstock

Neptuneya Cozy hostel located on a hill in the city center bed 500
room from 2500
Uborevicha, 20a build. 6
+7 (950) 291-47-72
Arbat 11 On the pedestrian street Fokina, in the courtyard of Millionka Bed 800
Room 1800
Fokina 11a
+7 (924) 735-38-51
Port House Beautiful guest house with a fireplace in the center on a hill Bed from 500
Room from 2500
Pochtovaya, 2
+7 (914) 725-85-11
Antilopa Near the central square From 500 for a bad
From 2000 for room
Svetlanskaya, 23, 3-й этаж +7 (423) 272-71-15
Vladstar inn in the area of Millionka 1000 bad
2400 rom
Svetlanskaya, 5 3 floor
+7(914) 343-00-77

Hostels in Vladivostok out of the center

Atlas Hostel on Pervaya rechka district Bed from 500 Room from 1500
prospekt Ostryakova, 26, 1 floor
+7 (914) 792-13-99
Mariinka Near the center (circus-dalzavod district), breakfast is included from 270 for a bed
from 2000 for room (4 persons)
SHkipera Geka, 15/2
+7 (423) 265-31-04
Atlant Guest House Hostel on Churkin district, near the Cheryomushki shopping center. To the center by bus 30 min. Room with shared bathroom and toilet from 1400 Harkovskaya, 2a
+7 (423) 264-67-50


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