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Cape Tobizina on the island Russky in Vladivostok

What is interesting on Tobizina

After the construction of the bridge on Russky Island the cape and lighthouse of Tobizina ceased to be inaccessible and secluded. Now it is a popular attraction and a place for weekend walks for locals and tourists. Tobizina Lighthouse is located on a cape on a chess plateau - a platform of flat stones of an unusual shape. The rusty lighthouse was carried out to sea when there was a storm. A dirt road and path passes through a forest, and then along a hill with steep cliffs into the water and beautiful sea views.

How to get to Tobizina by bus or car

Take the bus

There is a bus from the Izumrud bus stop in the city center, No. 29d every 1.5 hours. Drive about 1.5 hours. Your stop is the Kommunalnaya mini-CHP, then walk 1.5 km along the road to the dirt parking and the beginning of the trail. Navigate the map.

There are also several frequent buses to the Oceanarium. For example, from the stop Izumrud in the center there is an excellent bus number 15. Further on foot or by taxi about 6 km to the beginning of the trail.

By taxi

A bus from the center runs rarely, it is easier to get by taxi (about 700-800 rubles). If you are already on the island, a taxi will be much cheaper.

By car

You need to get to the end of the asphalt road, turn around and drive back about 1 km to the garbage cans . Behind the garbage cans there will be a right turn to the dirt road. There will be a crossroads on the - turn right. After 350 meters there will be parking on the ground and a great view of Cape Vyatlin. After 700m. a large platform - parking on the ground and the beginning of the trail to Tobizinaa.

How to get to the place where the Tobizina lighthouse was

Tobisina Peninsula

We’ll start a walking or cycling trip from the dirt parking at the top. We go down the forest path along the dirt road to the barrier and the pebble beach, pass the beach and climb the path, go along the top of the Tobisin Peninsula, admiring the sea views. The path will pass by steep cliffs, carefully look down. Cliff diving enthusiasts jump here.

Cape Tobizina

You will pass a cross on top of a cliff. Next, you need to go down to the isthmus, go over the stones and climb to Cape Tobizina. Go down the path further. Soon you will see a chess plateau, there was a rusty Tobizina lighthouse. Only 4 km one way. Note that in one place at the end you will need to climb. Slowly, on foot, with photographs and relaxation, the trip will take 3-3.5 hours.

You can go all the way on the bike, but you have to carry it in some places.

Ideas and tips

You better come in the morning, as early as you can. Closer to noon, especially on weekends, there are already a lot of people, something like a promenade. During the warm season you can swim, along the way you will find suitable places. The nearest supermarkets and cafeterias are in the FEFU campus

What's next and how to get out

If you are not tired, you can walk along the Vyatlin cape and take a swim there. You can walk to the Voroshilov battery (3.5 km from the dirt parking), you can certainly take a taxi. Also, by taxi you can quickly get to any sights of the Russky island

From the nearest stop of the Kommunalnaya Mini-CHP, 2 buses run at intervals of 1.5 hours each. № 29d and 29k. See the map. The bus stop from which it often runs is Aquarium (6 km away)


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