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Apartments for rent in Vladivostok (apartments)

Vladivostok has a good selection of apartments in the center, as well as in residential areas. Compared to the hotel, you get a large area, as well as your own kitchen. In my travels over the past few years, I almost always choose to rent an apartment. In the morning we always cook breakfast, and when we travel with a child, we usually cook dinner too. Thus, not dependent on the cafe. “At home” there is always food, no need to look for anything in the evening. When I travel alone, I also choose apartments, it is always cheaper than a hotel room.

Features of renting apartments in Vladivostok


In Vladivostok, the market for serviced apartments follows the same rules as hotels

  1. Seasonality - in the summer it’s 30-100% more expensive and everything is sold out.
  2. Cheaper in sleeping areas and no problems with transport - taxis are not expensive.

View from the window

Vladivostok is built on the hills. In off season, you can find an apartment with a breathtaking view from the window for relatively little money.

How to book an apartment

Almost all offers of apartments for travelers in Vladivostok are available through standard systems, and AirBNB   How do these systems work and how do they differ and what other options are available in the Reservation Tips in Vladivostok

Booking apartments through - a popular service for renting apartments in Russia. To book an apartment, you must pay in advance on the website. The system transfers money to the owner after you check in. In addition, the owner himself is interested in fulfilling all the conditions of the reservation: otherwise, he will receive a fine.

You will also get round-the-clock support from The system does not charge a fee when booking. You pay only the cost of living, which is set by the owner himself.

Basic tips
  1. Don't forget the contacts. Be sure to call the owner 1 day before arrival and talk. I usually give an estimated time of arrival, and we agree that I will still call in an hour or 30 minutes.
  2. I do not advise you to agree if, after booking, you are offered to refuse your reservation at Booking and negotiate directly a little cheaper, as well as try to negotiate bypassing the reservation system yourself. In the first case, you may not be provided with the agreed apartment, in the second case, they may consider you to be a not quite honest and problematic guest and refuse to accommodate.

VIP Apartments

The price is above average. You get a great location, good condition, design and of course a catchy view from the window

Price (off season - season) Location
Vladivostok Apartments Prado XO Super design. The maximum review score of 10 out of 10. Area 50m2,
from 10000 per day for 4 persons
Historic building in the center on Svetlanskaya street.
Svetlanskaya, 37
Ocean view apartment Beautiful apartment of 51 m2, 2 steps from the sea, overlooking Yacht Club 7ft. Near the footpath along the coast for walks.
from 10000
15 minutes to the center on foot.
Stanyukovicha, 48

Apartments with a good view from the window

Please note, most of the houses with a view from the windows are located on the hills

Vladivostok Apartments Cascade Stylish apartment with super view
from 4500
Hill Eagle's Nest, a new home.
Komarova, 58
Apartment Dva Mosta Stained glass windows, super view of the city, sea and bridges.
От 6000
Not the center, the house is located on Cape Egersheld. Krygina, 94

Aparthotels in Vladivostok

The aparthotel usually has an administrator. That is, you do not need to agree in advance to receive and return the keys. But just in case, it’s better to clarify this point.

Aparthotel Arbat, rooms with a small kitchen
Pogranichnaya, 4
+7 (908) 992-33-11
Mini-hotel Omni - tour hosted by a travel agency in the center. There is a full apartment of 30m2 at a reasonable price
Aleutskaya, 22
+7 (423) 226-75-25
Hero Cities Modern studios in a fresh building.
from 3500
Building on the hill, down 15 minutes on foot to the very center. There are 2 bus stops upstairs. Komarova, 45
Zolotoj klyuchik Clean modern room with a kitchen.
from 2500, minimum 2 nights
Location on the hill Svetlanskaya, 17
+7 (423) 201-21-45

Apartments in the center

Apartment On Stanukovicha Studio 30m2 right by the sea next to the yacht club. Own sauna.
from 3500
Almost the very center of the city, Stanyukovicha, 48
Apartment On Sukhanova Apartment with good reviews 43m2
From 3500
Almost the center Suhanova, 1
Smart House 33m2, beautiful interior
fom 5000
not far from the center
Oktyabrskaya, 18
Apartment on Sukhanova 5 Studio 32m2 with modern renovation
from 2500
Almost the center, Suhanova, 5
Studio Studio in Vladivostok
fom 4000
The very center of the city, Tigrovaya, 16
ECO apartment in the very middle 33m2, Interesting design От 4000 City center, Posietskaya, 40
Apartments in the center of Vladivostok The apartment is newly renovated and has good reviews. View of the sea and the sports promenade.
fom 6000
City center Tigrovaya, 22
Apartment on Pologaya 17 Large apartment 70m2
price from 4000
City center, Pologaya 17

Apartments in residential areas of Vladivostok

Apartment Marine 6 area 50m2
from 2500 per night
Near the center in a residential area
Tolstogo 50
Sedanka-City Apartment Modern apartments in a new house in a nearby suburb. Near a large shopping center Sedanka City with cafes, restaurants and a supermarket.
from 3000
The city center is 20 minutes by train. Stop nearby
Ulica Glinki, 30
Apartments by the sea Modern apartments in a new building. Sea view. Near the beach and the walking path "health path"
from 4000
At Cape Egersheld, a 20-minute walk along the footpath to the sports promenade.
Avramenko 5


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