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Korabelnaya Embankmen and submarine S-56 in Vladivostok

The embankment itself is a great place to walk. Naval theme. Here are the military headquarters of the Pacific Fleet and the missile cruiser Varyag flagship of the Pacific Fleet (inspection only from the shore). You can walk along the Red pennant - the warship of the beginning of the past century and visit the submarine of the 2nd World War S-56

The monument stela to the founders of Vladivostok is the historic landing place of soldiers (1860) for the establishment of a military settlement, which in 20 years will become a rapidly growing city, port and military fortress.

Not far, from the sea passenger terminal depart excursion boats "Bridges of Vladivostok"

Museum - Red Pennant Warship

The first military ship of the Pacific Fleet. The ship of pre-revolutionary construction took part in battles and expeditions to explore the waters of the Far East. It is always pleasant to walk around the decks and learn the history of the ship in good weather

Museum - submarine C-56

Diesel torpedo submarine. The most effective submarine of the USSR in the history of the 2nd World War. If you want to calmly consider the equipment of the submarine with interest, then it is better to come early. The submarime is very popular with Chinese tourists. If you see big excursion buses near the submarine, then inside it will be crowded and noisy. Better come back next time. Winter is calmer.

Pacific Fleet Glory Memorial

The submarine, the stele and the Red pennant are objects of a single memorial complex. The ensemble also includes an eternal flame, ship cannons and a memorial plaque.

Two steps from the submarine are located:

Where is the embankment and how to get there

The Korabelnaya Embankment is located in the city center. Approximate address Petra Velikogo, 2

From the Central Square you can walk along the sidewalk along the high building of the Fleet Headquarters.

Nearby is The Crown Prince Embankment, you need to walk 5 minutes along the sidewalk along the railway.

Cafes and Shops

On Svetlanskaya Street in "GUM" Mall there is an interesting food court with different cuisines. Just going up to Svetlanskaya you can easily find a suitable cafe or restaurant or grocery store. Learn more about cafes and restaurants in Vladivostok ...


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